Aug 20, 2009


If you hadn't read it before, you need to refer to the post I wrote during my pregnancy, Lady in Waiting. At least I could predict that my poor dog, Molly, would likely be neglected once Jane arrived... I wasn't in denial by any means.

Here she is in all her glory... can you tell which end is her face vs. her "you know what". Some days I can't. I finally got around to booking her in for grooming... thankfully, the groomer won't be in yet when we drop her off so we'll avoid the embarrassment and guilt that's sure to come once she looks into our poor pups eyes (if she can find them). ha ha ha.

In truth, Molly and Miko (the devil cat) adjusted really quickly to Jane. Molly is great with her, no jealously or aggression which isn't surprising. Miko ignores her and has become the cat I always dreamed of - independent and never around (only half joking, tee hee hee). :p Although, he risks his life and mine every time I start down the stairs as, never fail, he appears out of nowhere running by my feet in, what I'm sure is, an attempt to take me out!

I'm definitely going to put up a post-grooming picture of Molly for all to enjoy. She's basically going to have to be skinned to get all the mats out of her fur (I tried to brush her but eventually gave up)... at 8 whole pounds, she's going to look like a large rat with a fluffy head! :p It's truly a sin and, despite my humour, I do feel bad... I'm not heartless!

Jen :)

* Note - despite the obvious neglect of her hair-do, Molly is still spoiled rotten and gets lots of walks and snuggles. (I am aware there are some serious people out there who will take this post too literally and I'll probably have the freakin' SPCA knocking on my door tomorrow morning). :p

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