Aug 18, 2009

Five Funnies

If it's not obvious, I like lists...

I wanted to share with you five things Jane consistently does that make me crack up! If these don't make you giggle a little then it's obviously an "eye of the beholder" thing... like when you think your dog is cute but everyone else knows different... :p

  1. She burps as loud as Dan, or louder! The funniest thing about it is that she gets this look on her face afterward of complete innocence, like she's about to blame it on someone else.

  2. When she poops she gets this look of concentration on her face like she's trying to find out the square root of pi... I consistently ask her if I can get her a magazine to read, ha ha ha. And despite what you may think, baby's fart LOUDLY and their poop does stink! Anytime we're out and she poops or farts, I'm SURE everyone around me thinks I've just let one go. Although, again with the "eye of the beholder" thing - you don't mind the smell of your own baby's poop... probably something like men wanting to smell their own farts. :p

  3. Sometimes, when she falls sleep on my boob, she startles herself awake when her lips smack as she "falls off" the boob. She gives me this look like "what the heck are you doing Mom" because she obviously doesn't realize she scared herself awake. So cute.

  4. Every once in awhile when she wakes up from a long nap, she basically starts whining while her eyes are still closed and then breaks into a full cry - she's hungry. I crack up at her diva behaviour - apparently I'm supposed to know she's about to wake up and that she'll be hungry and OBVIOUSLY I should be waiting, boob in hand. :p She's too funny - I can't imagine what she'll be like when she's 14! :p

  5. She hates the taste of Ovol, the anti-gas stuff. It's hilarious when she tastes it as she reacts like I would to sucking on a lemon. First, she tries to avoid swallowing it and starts spitting it out all over her face. Then, she makes the "sour lemon" face. Finally, she does the post-lemon shiver and shake - when you body shivers a little and you shake your head back and forth with a disgusted look on your face. It's priceless. I'd take a picture but I'm too busy trying to keep it in her mouth! :p
Hope you at least smiled at the fact that these are the things making me laugh these days - how life changes!

Jen :)

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Morgan Cain said...

LOVE the 5 funnies!
Quincy did that smack off the boob thing the other night while Jason and I where watching him eat and it really does make you laugh. The other thing that always makes us laugh is if hes eating and Jason comes close to the boob, he'll stop sucking and roll his eyes up at Jason like "back off my boob buddy" haha..gotta love babies!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Happy Girl on Vacation video and Jane is TOO CUTE!!!! She's so freaking adorable!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl.

Jen said...

That's hilarious re: Quincy. I've never noticed if Jane does that... we'll have to give it a try! ha ha ha. I don't know if she's old enough to get territorial yet - I'm sure she will though, she's a diva! :)

Thanks for sweet compliment as well :)