Jul 6, 2009

Vitamin D-RAMA

I mentioned in my bf-ing post how much I hated the vitamin D drops but now I need a solution! Before, Jane was having a hard time getting them down, so I broke up the 1ml dose into four smaller doses. But now, she's vomiting every time I give them to her, so I've stopped. What the heck do I do now? She's also stopped accepting the Kolic drops which she didn't have problems with before... it's like anything that doesn't taste like milk makes her gag and then she vomits. It's a sin for her and I'm officially out of clothes as everything's been barfed on! :p

Someone commented on my bf-ing post about some info on BabyCentre about one-drop vitamin D for infants... anybody know anything about this? I'm going to do some research today and see what options I have. I can put it in her bottle every other day, but I'm curious about what effect this would have, if any, as it will definitely alter the flavour of the milk. I thought perhaps I'd put it in the last ounce of milk so the entire bottle isn't "tainted". I'm going to call on my Fabulous Council of Pharmacists (FCP) :p - Sam, Kerianne and Laura - as well and see what they recommend.

Will keep you posted but I know I've gotten some AWESOME ideas/advice from "y'all" so far... so if anybody has suggestions, keep 'um comin'! ;)

Jen :)

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Holly said...

I was told you can sit with them near a sunny window for 10-15 min and that would give them enough vitamin D. Thats what I plan to do...

Lora said...

Two things:
1. Here is where you can get the Baby Vitamin D Drops: http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=14069. It is one drop you put on your boob while feeding. Or you could ask a store to order it in.
2. In my prenatal class they said that this is one of those things that some people say you need, some people don't and that you don't really need to. I often forgot to give it to Noah and he is A-OK!

Jen said...

Thanks girls - I'm thinking I'm going to try these Baby-D drops that you can put on the sucky or your boob... should definitely be easier! Let us pray ;)

Unknown said...

I have always put both kolic and oval in bottles no prob....same for the vit D....all goes to the same place :)