Jul 7, 2009

First Month Necessities

What I actually used in my first month:
  • Clothes: 10-12 jumpers, 10 onesies
  • 8 receiving blankets
  • 400+ wipes + 300 Diapers – found Pampers Swaddlers Newborn are the best
  • Vaseline and Diaper rash cream – Penaten or Zincofax
  • Baby lotion, Baby wash/shampoo (love the Johnson's Cocoa butter)
  • 15 face clothes (I use these for bathing and during feeding)
  • Vitamin D drops
  • Kolik drops (for gas, cramps, etc.)
  • Baby care kit - comb, nail clippers, etc.
  • 6-8 soothers
  • Swaddleme swaddling blanket – easy as pie, love this!
  • 3-4 boxes of nursing pads (I like Johnsons brand best)
  • Breastpump (I have this Medela pump and it's great)
  • Zip up or button up tops – easy access for bf-ing
  • Nipple cream - Lanolin
  • 2 packs maxipads – regular flow would have done for me, everyone’s different – didn’t need the giant diaper-like ones like I expected
  • Stretchy pants – wearing jeans killed my twat the first couple of weeks, lived in yoga pants
  • Swing
  • Vibrating bouncy chair
  • Diaper genie (essential)
  • 3-4 change table covers or change pads
  • Sleep-rite sleeping positioner
  • Baby laundry detergent and baby oxyclean – I do about 3-4 loads of baby clothes per week
  • Car seat and stroller – duh
  • Baby carrier – i.e. Snugli or sling, etc. (I have both and have used both for quick trips – to get the mail, around the mall, etc.)
  • Music – lullabies, or spa-like music (Solitudes CD by Dan Gibson is awesome) for playing during bath or bedtime
  • Cradle/bassinette with 2-3 fitted sheets (if you aren’t using the crib right away)
  • Activity gym (just started using, see my "Burping Machine" post)
  • Breastfeeding pillow - stopped using this early because it forces baby to feed laying level vs. with her head slightly elevated, but now have found a way to work it differently.
  • Diaper bag (duh)
  • Nightlight - so I can see her during the night without having to wake up and turn the lights on

What I haven’t used yet that I expected to:
  • Burping pads - anticipate using this now as I'm getting sick of cleaning spit up off my shoulder :p
  • Nursing canopy – haven’t been out much and would like to avoid bf-ing in public like the plague
  • "Outfits" – too much work at this point
  • Hooded towels (been using one of our big cozy towels instead)
  • Baby bathtub – expect to use once she’s bigger
  • Nursery - ha ha ha, except to change her bum 400 times a day :p
  • Monitor - hard not to hear her when she's right next to me :)
  • Rocking chair - expect will make up for this once Jane is sleeping in her nursery
I wish I had this list before I went shopping pre-baby...

Jen :)

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Sam said...

Thanks for the list, Jen! It's good to know what is truely "essential" and what just looks useful/cute in the store:) BTW-any luck finding the Vit D drops Kerianne mentioned?

Lift Like A Mom said...

I am seriously going to write some of this stuff down that I don't have or need more of! :) Thanks!!