Jul 10, 2009

Operation: Get Sexy Back :p

I'm stunted at the 22lbs lost mark, I think, which is fine but starting to piss me off a little cause I don't fit in any summer clothes (damn me for giving away my "fat-me" clothes). I started working out again with running this week but I'm starting from scratch again with interval training (3 mins walking, 1 min running). It's really easy but I want to start slow. Plus, the after effects are not the same as they used to be - my hip JOINT was killing me yesterday after my run on Wednesday - what the heck, I'm not 80! :p I figure I'll run 3-4 times a week and see if I can squeeze some weight training in as well. I love strength training but, fact is, some days I just don't feel like it! I have no excuses. I could say "I can't find the time" or "I'm too tired" but truth is, somedays I just don't want to! Well, there is some truth to the other two excuses seeing as there are currently three baskets of clean laundry in my bedroom unfolded and nowhere near ready to be put away... been there since Monday. So what do I prioritize? Seriously? I'm going to want to prioritize the laundry but that's likely because it's easier than doing a crapload of lunges and squats but the lunges and squats would make me feel better after... hmm, perhaps I'll think about it for today and see what unfolds tomorrow ;)

We're off to a wedding today, our first road trip! We'll be driving for 2.5 hours so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm more worried about the fact that our stupid hotel doesn't have early check-in so where the heck am I going to feed and dress Jane, not to mention myself! She's got the cutest dress to wear which I'm convinced means she'll spit up all over it... I'm bringing a back up. Pretty much guaranteed I'll have spit up on me but who's going to be looking at me?!?!

Hopefully found a solution to the vitamin D issue - Baby-D Drops which are one-drop Vit D that you can put on baby's soother or on your finger. I'm also trying Ovol which is supposed to help babies move gas more easily... keep ya posted. So far so good as she didn't projectile vomit it up this morning (SCORE!).

Going to try and do another "Dissecting Daddy interview" with Dan this weekend... the only time I get to see him! During the week he gets home from work, we eat supper, watch tv for an hour and then I head upstairs for bath and bedtime... definitely not the quality time we're used to! I can see how couples never have sex again - hard to have sex when you aren't ever in the same room (relax hunny, I promise we'll have sex again). :p

Jen :)

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Margaret said...

You look awesome!

Lift Like A Mom said...

You look so great!! Good job on the hard work. I'm sure it's not easy as I'm not looking forward to that soon!

Meredith said...

The fact that you've lost 22 pounds already is INCREDIBLE!

Kristen said...

Wonderful post! It reminds me of when I had my 2, which was not long ago. You are doing fabulous with losing weight and getting back into shape. You have more dedication than I ever have. Way to go.

As far as the who sex thing goes... my hubby claims we have only had sex twice and got prego both times. lol. It is definitely hard to for it in the schedule sometimes. GL

Jen Peddle said...

You look awesome!

Jen said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! I swear I didn't post the pics to get praise but it HELPS big time! ha ha ha.

I hoped I wouldn't be hard on myself re: losing the baby weight but it's a struggle... I'm working on it.

Jen :)