Jul 9, 2009

Help Please!

Need your help with something...

We're having Jane's christening at the beginning of August while I'm home in Newfoundland. I don't have a family christening gown available to me, so what do I get for Jane to wear? I don't really love the long gowns and I have found some cute dresses online that I like... but is that ok?

What's customary? And, does anyone have any ideas of where I can get a nice dress/gown that isn't $200! I can't rationalize that kind of money for a 15 minute ceremony!

Comments please :)


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Mike and Kate said...

The only suggestion I have is to have someone make a gown from your wedding dress?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was going to write the same thing about the wedding gown! Jen T

Dawn said...

That's a great idea about the wedding gown.
Like your wedding day, it doesn't matter what other people think is "ok". If you want a cute little dress, go for it. Also, maybe ask friends if could borrow a christening gown?

Congratulations by the way!