Jul 22, 2009

Jane @ 6 Weeks

Sleep last night: 6 hours
Weight lost: 23lbs
Frozen yougurt servings per day: 2 (hasn't affected above metric at all)
Shower: No
Exercise: Thinking about it
Stinky additions: Been pooped on + spit up
Addictions: Twilight, True Blood, So You Think You Can Dance

Jane turned six weeks on Friday - I can't believe how quickly a month and a half has gone by! She's changed so much since her first few days out of my belly... I keep saying "she's grown up so much" which sounds ridiculous as she's still so tiny and delicate.

According to my Baby Centre update she "should" have achieved the following developmental milestones by now...
  • Holding her head up
  • Exploring extremities
  • Learning to soothe herself
  • Babytalking
  • Listening to and enjoying music
  • Eyes can track objects
  • Smiling (about 50% of babies by now)
Jane's pretty much conquered every one of these, most of them before her six week mark which convinces me she's a genius! ha ha ha. I'm sure every Mom believes there little one is above average. Fact is, every baby is completely different and these development "schedules" are likely just set up to give Moms one more things to worry about. :p

Jane discovered her hands probably two weeks ago - punching and grabbing everything. That's about the same time I started clipping her nails... not by coincidence. My boobs were starting to look like I'd been attacked by wild animals. She has found her legs within the last few days. She used to lay on my lap, content and happy. She now lays there kick-boxing my boobs...boom, boom, boom! Add the bruises to the scratches, I guess!

My favourite development is her smiling, which started two weeks ago. Fairly consistently, she smiles when she sees you and, more recently, when she hears my voice. It makes me the happier than I could have imagined. The first 4-5 weeks, I was doing everything to make sure she was content and thriving without much response. Now, it's like she's telling me that I'm doing a good job because she's happy to see me! I praise her to death and cuddle the heck out of her when she smiles because I'm so scared she going to stop - Like she'll not realize that's the way to communicate happiness. Add that to the "stupid Mommy worries" list.

Jen :p

PS - Don't tell anyone ;) but I've watched the Twilight movie twice... it's NOWHERE near as good as the book but I'm totally addicted! I couldn't understand the hooplah about this Robert Pattinson (is that his name?) guy but now I want posters for my bedroom. ha ha ha. Do you think Dan would mind? He doesn't sleep in there right now anyways! :p

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MommyBrain said...

She's gorgeous and thriving ... yeah for you ... and her :) Oh, and you've joined both the "been pooped on" and "been spat on" clubs - welcome!

It occurs to me that I went through my vampire stage when Natalie was a baby, too ... not quite as young, though. But isn't that funny? What is it with new moms and blood sucking? Is there a connection worth blogging about? :)

The818 said...

Congrats on your beautiful little girl! I'm waiting for my own to arrive, and I loved reading this!