Jul 26, 2012

Emily Lauren

After A LOT of walking - basically non-stop activity from 1am until delivery, I was sent to an l&d room at 4pm ish, at 4 cms and we'll just say by the time anesthesiology got there, I was more than ready for my epi... Platelets were great, thank God, as I would have died without the good stuff.

Resident checked me at 5sh, and was a good 6-7cms. Chopped sticked me - broke my water - and immediately went to 10 cms.

Began pushing at 6 ish. Pushed three times. A dream.

Sweet Emily Lauren arrived happily and healthily at 6:04pm, 7 lbs 5 oz, looking just like her big sis - dark full head of hair! A great feeder already so fingers crossed for continuation!

Pics to come!


DianeB said...

Awesome!! Congrats to you and your Beautiful Family!!

Anonymous said...

And? Not to be pushy or nosy, but your loyal readers are waiting for photos, the birth story, etc etc etc!!! :)

Anonymous said...

r u ok? miss u writing.

Anonymous said...

do you have a new current website?