May 11, 2012

one of those days...

It's been one of those days...

So after a week of freakin out (a little - as much as I freak out - which is pretty much like a 4-5/10 on a freak scale) because my GPs office called me last week post-diabetes blood work and made me think I was dying of cancer, I finally had my docs appt today. It was rescheduled from yesterday which, in my freak brain, convinced me more that I was doomed and that the world was just putting off the inevitable. Here's the thing though, I did some googling (I know, blessing + curse = google) and turns out gestational diabetes isn't the death sentence some docs would have you believe. Does it suck? I'm sure. Does it have risks? I'm sure. But, seems like management is pretty successful. Although, I have to admit, if someone sat me down and gave me a diet plan, I'd probably slap the bitch and say get out of my face, can't you see I'm pregnant... diet plans are for three months from now.

Anyways. I found it weird that, although my GPs office called, I never heard from my ob/gyns office - so when I finally (my appt was at 9:50am, I sat down in the exam room at 10:50am) got to see a doc (tech. med student) they didn't even have my blood work results in my file. SO, here in true I'm-pregnant-and-therefore-read-way-too-much-into-teeny-little-things, I've now convinced myself that the only reason my ob/gyns office hadn't called me to rush me into an emergency c-section is because they never even got the freakin' report!!! When the actual ob/gyn arrived 20 minutes later, apparently my test results were "completely normal". W.T.F. You get re-tested if your "AIC" levels are above 7.8 (if you're above 10, you're screwed and you just have diabetes period). My levels were low 4's. So, conclusion - I spent the last week googling, stressing and worrying for NO REASON. FANTASTIC. I will say I was relieved, and obviously, in the end, that's a good thing. Apparently my platelet count is a little low... still "normal" but low-normal which could be not good but they will monitor it to make sure it doesn't go low-low. The doc threw out some weird term for it like "thromobomboplacentalitiscondymorton" to which I smiled and nodded like I had heard this term many times in my 29 years, and went on with my day. Of course, this was after I had starved myself all morning because I thought I was going to have to re-take the diabetes test which means I would have had to fast... so. yeah. that extra hour I waited in the waiting room, while the fatty pregger girls around me scarfed their timmies bagels and coffees, did not make me the happiest camper in the woods.

That was my morning. Really not the worst day you ever had, but not the TGIF you look forward to.

For some reason (to which my husband explains "um, here's a reason - you're pregnant") I'm EXHAUSTED today... like falling asleep in the waiting room exhausted. And, thus, my pregnancy glow has hit an all time peak to the point that other people are noticing now. Before, it was apparently "just me". Feel free to hate me for the next comment... but typically, my skin is pretty good. I take care of it, so I'm allowed to say that. So, when I get a pimple or skin issues, to me, it's like I'm wearing tattoos all over my face that say "LOOK HERE" and "EWWWW, what's that". Literally. I go out in public and worry about running into x-boyfriends or people I hate because their "friends" but their those pretty friends that you love but you hate because they always look pretty and their hair is always done and you hate them because you run into them when you're in your sweats and not "just leaving the gym". Anyways, point being, someone told me today that it looked like I was having an allergic reaction because of my eye redness, swelling, etc. WOOT WOOT. And there's nothing I can do. I've tried everything. I think it's eczema? I have no idea. I've tried hydrocortisone. I've made my own concoction of taking the Aveeno oatmeal bath, adding a teeny bit of warm water and making it a facial masque. I've been using Aveeno Baby Eczema Lotion on it. I've tried diaper cream. I've tried vaseline. I've tried leaving it with nothing. And it won't go away. And the fact that my face is constantly itchy is, literally, driving me insane. I can see now, how people with chronic pain, get depression. Because the fact that I itch and itch and cream and cream and it never goes away, is so frustrating it makes me grumpy (there's a mom term for you). Here's a pic of me today - I know it's hard to see the spots (so I've pointed them out, including cindy crawford in case you are really so interested - dan just caught me and said "what the hell are you doing?" so I'm thinking this is a bad idea but it's too late, it's done). You can feel really bad for me now (that's sarcasm). I also tried something new... ice. It felt really good. But, I don't think it did anything. And, yes, that's a teether... it's the only ice I had in my fridge.

Ok. So hungry, tired, itchy and relieved but grouchy because of previous stress for no reason.

Then, my dog gets attacked. If you've followed the blog for a while, you know that I love my dog but she drives me insane. Regardless, I kind of like her alive and without vet bills. Mostly due to the vet bills. :p joking, joking (not really).

So, I let her out to pee for the 400th time this afternoon... second, but it felt like 400 when I had to put my laptop down and get up off the couch. This is strange for my pees-twice-a-day dog, so I let her out the back patio and, because I stayed out to see what she was up to out there, I didn't hook her on her leash. Well, before I knew it this stupid german sheppard from the neighbours yard has chased Molly up onto the patio and missus comes running across the backyards, barely speaks a word of english, and is saying "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry". So, I'm laughing because, I see the dog's waging it's tail and being friendly... that second. Next thing I know, the dog's got Molly (mini-poodle who weighs maybe half as much as my cat) pinned to the patio and the only reason it's not taking off Molly's head is because Molly's so small she's actually hidden underneath the dog... So, stupid dog owner, grabs her dog - which, I don't care if your dog is about to kill my dog, you don't get in the middle of a dog fight. Ever. And, Molly makes her escape. So I pick Molly up because the stupid dog owner has her dog by the scruff and then the stupid dog gets lose again. So I throw Molly. Ha. I was like, um, it's me or you dog, and NEWS UPDATE, it's YOU!

Finally, I scurried Molly inside the house and proceeded to give it to missus. I'm sorry. I know sometimes things happen between dogs but I've seen this dog before and made comments to Dan that these people have no control over it... you know, it pulls them down the street, etc. And, so, my mamma-bear kicks in and I start thinking, what if Jane had been outside? What if the dog had come at Jane? Jane! And, I lost it. Not crying. I don't cry, I have a temper. I was civil, but I was pissed. I am an animal lover but I will never fully trust any animal with my kids. And there's one thing that makes me really angry - people who buy big dogs and don't know how to properly handle and train them. It makes me furious. To me, it's like someone buying a gun and walking around with it but they don't know exactly how to pull the trigger, it's really not THAT dangerous... right?

Anyways. Molly was fine... she's probably (definitely) in need of some serious anti-anxiety meds now being that she needed them before and she lives the life of riley but no blood, no harm.

Here's the other thing that pissed me off... I called animal services. Just to see. I'm not trying to be a "rat" or over-react, but I thought, if there's a way to file a report on the dog so there's a record... that way, if the dog attacks again or, worse, bites someone, then there's a history and action can be taken. Well, as I'm on the phone stupid dog owner comes walking up the street. So, stupid city missus on the phone says "well I hope you and your neighbour can work it out"... um. Did she not here me. I don't care about my neighbour. The dog. Or my dog. I want to make sure that if this happens again, there's a record of previous aggression with this dog and it's noted. So, stupid dog owner starts apologizing and says to me "I just don't want you to be mad"... ah. OK. Would you like me to say "it's ok your dog just tried to eat mine, happens all the time, no worries!". Sorry missus. I'm from Newfoundland, we're nice, but don't eff with us. I wasn't rude, but I told her, if I see her dog off-leash again, I'm calling animal control and I'll report them (translation, I'm going to scream my face off at you and then call the cops or something ridiculously dramatic... I. am. pregnant.)... and I told her that if the dog had come running towards my child like that, it would not have been good (translation: if I had a gun, I'd shoot it).

Again. Not the worse day ever. But exhausting, frustrating, frazzling, annoying, non-I'm pregnant and taking it easy, type of day.

On a brighter note, it's MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND! ENJOY IT. MILK IT. YOU DESERVE IT. Try to do everything against your nature and put yourself first for once! TRY! xoxoxo. Loves you all!

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Janine Hussey said...

First, the skin patches are the same spots that I have ' it a pregnancy thing?? Second, you were right to call about the dog. Hopefully the warning is all it took for your neighbour to LEASH THE DOG. Good luck Momma Bear!