Mar 20, 2012

Organizational Chaos

I change my mind.

Organizing 3 years worth of Jane's clothes is NOT FUN. At this very moment, I'd rather suck it up and take the expense of an entirely new wardrobe that goes with a boy because I would be starting from scratch. I wouldn't have THREE YEARS worth of sizes. WHY can't there just be less sizes? For example: Newborn-ish, Around 1, 1-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs, and so on. I'm going to start my own clothing line. It will never quite fit your babies but, in the end, you'll thank me.

Right now I can't even remember what my piles are! AND THEN to make things worse, I have clothes that's size 1, clothes that's 6-12 mths, clothes that's 12 mths and clothes that's 12-18 mths. So ARE THESE ALL THE SAME SIZE-ISH?? ARGH! ANDDDDDD, half of them are summer clothes the other half winter! I don't understand how this can happen - I only have one child?!?!

So I have 12 mths summer, 12 mths/size 1 winter. For almost every size range. This sucks.

I've decided to keep jackets, outerwear, and shoes together - vs. grouping them by size. I wish I could remember my logic for this right now but my brain is officially fried from trying, for the last two hours, to remember what pile was what, what season, what to toss and how to organize it all. The only thing I can think is that the jackets were taking up too much space and I'm trying desperately to keep each size range to one container - I'm failing miserably at this already.

I give up.

I want to hire someone to do this for me.


ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

Spring cleaning or nesting? or a combination?
I'm dreading doing this sorting as well.
My DH wouldn't let me keep storing bags/boxes of clothes so we stopped at 1yr..

Jen said...

Your DH is a genius.

Nesting, I guess, to answer your question. I'm trying to get the nursery ready-to-go so that when i'm really big and uncomfortable... it's already done and I can just sit around on my chubby bummy! :p

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Is it a boy?