Mar 22, 2012

it's hot

It's hot as hades here today. Like it's 8:30 and I'm pretty sure Jane is still somewhat awake because it's freakin' 25 degrees in her room. I've been up there three times - once to convinced her, successfully this time, that her fleece (full feet) jammies were not necessary and too hot for tonight. So, we got those off. Now, of course, I'm concerned about the multiple times I'm sure to be woken up tonight because Jane is going to end up diaper-less FOR SURE and peeing all over her bed.

THEN, I went in to bring the fan into her room.

Now, she's quiet - but every once in a while I hear "mommy" and then silence. So, I'm leaving her for a bit.

I'm too hot to sit with a laptop on my lap.

Speaking of hot... remember this?

Dear God,

Thank you for letting me come across this today. I am not a beefcake type of girl. It ain't my thing. Mostly because if I ever dated a beefcake, I'd feel pressure, myself, to exercise and we all know that REALLY ain't my thing. But look at this! Oh Marky Mark. I just want to have a body like that hug me, just once, in my lifetime.


Second Amen to the cooler weather coming back tomorrow. I've had my two days of summer and, I'm itchy, sweaty, exhausted, my feet are aching from being swollen and sweaty in inappropriate (but pretty) shoes all day, and I'm sitting on the couch with my t-shirt pulled up to my boobs, my pants undone and my gut hanging out. I'm bringing sexy back.

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