Feb 8, 2012

r.i.p. skinny jeans

This is a very difficult post to write...

To say goodbye to something that's been such a big part of my life for the last two years...

You've supported me, given me confidence, made me happy, simply because you were you... and you fit me perfectly.

I remember, years ago, stating with absolute determination that I would "NEVER, NEVER" go back to you. That I'd tried you in the 80's and you hadn't worked but I rocked you anyways. You had worked in the most wrong way, like a bad-ass boyfriend that treated you like s*** but was so hot you ignored it. Then they made you darker and lower, and stretchier and in calvin klein... you weren't the acid-washed, high wasted, camel-toe guaranteeing friend that I'd shared many a bad school photo with before. You wrapped yourself around me everyday like a cozy, warm and body-hugging blanket.

I will miss you skinny jeans. R.I.P.

My guess is that by the time I'm ready to think of you again, by the time you and I could fit together once more, you will have been replaced with hammer-pants or some other ridiculous style from the 80's that I swore to never repeat.

As I sit here with jeans tucked into the under side of my bra, it's hard to consider that it may be a year or more (ha, maybe is a hilariously inaccurate word - It will at least be a year) before I can slide you back over my hips and not worry about splitting seams.

I've hidden you away... in the back corners of my closet. I've thought about you many times in the last weeks... wanting you, wanting to just check if we still fit like we used to. Instead, I turn away in fear.

Sometimes when we really love something, we have to let it go.

R.I.P skinny jeans. See you on the flip side... :p

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