Jan 26, 2012

pregnancy update?

I was planning on taking time on Thursdays to write about my "pregnancy update"... Thursdays is my transition day from week-to-week. So, as of today, I'm officially 14 weeks preggers. I think. I thought I was 15 weeks but my email update tells me 14 so who knows? I'm guessing the email is write and the crazy one with mommy brain is wrong.

Like I said. Supposed to write an update post but here's your pregnancy update. I'm tired. How does it feel to be 14 weeks pregnant - exhausting. I have energy up until 5:30pm, when I'm lucky. Sometimes it's 2:30pm and sometimes it's 8:30am. Then I'm basically counting down the hours until it's an acceptable time for me to call it a night, which is basically anytime after the clock hits 8pm.

I've dressed for the gym every morning this week. Instead of hitting the gym, I hit Tim Hortons for a coffee and head home to get dressed for work. Work I can do, happily. Going to the gym this week seems like committing to run a marathon in high heels and a full-fleece-onesie in July in the Amazon. Please tell me the Amazon isn't one of those places that has reverse seasons to us so that my exaggeration makes no sense. You know what I'm trying to say. Impossible.

I planned on finishing the last panel of curtains that I'm making myself (don't ask... I don't know why I get myself into these things) for the new baby's room. Whenever I get it all finished - ideally before July - I'll post a picture of the new nursery. Jane's room is looking pretty fancy too and I'll let you know some of the crazy but creative things I've done... I went on this used furniture, value village, kijiji, etc. kick over the summer where I was convinced I was going to become a furniture re-finisher for my side-career. Half the projects I had planned ended up going back to value village or meeting big mr. green truck who takes unwanted things to that big pile of stink.

Why is there nothing good on TV at 7pm? Why does TV only cater to the people who stay awake past 8pm? Why should I be subjected to an hour of Entertainment Tonight - US followed by Canada, where they basically talk about the exact same stories - only ET Canada talks about Ryan Gosling and Justin Beiber a little bit more that regular ET.

If I keep up, this post will be four pages long and I'll just keep ranted about the things that are making me grouchy right now. :p

Craving a bowl of dried fruit loops and a granny smith apple. Pregnancy is insane.

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Natasha Chandler said...

Glad you are back on the blogging circuit, Jen. Your honesty is refreshing and I find myself laughing out loud at work as I read!