Jan 30, 2012

docs appt update

Had my second pre-natal appointment first thing this am. I have no memory of my first pregnancy series of appointments... I think one of the blessings of that immediately oxytocin release post-baby delivery is that your memory of the pregnancy is completely erased as soon as that babe is put on your chest.

So, I spent time shaving my legs and prepping other areas (wink, wink - while I can still see it) last night in case I was getting the full-meal-deal today. How many times is my doc going to need to see my vagina before this baby is done baking? Does anyone remember this? It's not that I mind - after baby number one, I'm likely to let anyone who's interested have a look - but I hate prettying myself for no good reason.

Anyways. The goal of today's appointment seemed to be to tell me the 3 lbs I put on in the last three weeks was "just a little bit more than we like to see" and to Da-da-da-DAH, hear the baby's heart beat!

First of all, the doc says to me "dan couldn't make it for today?" to which I responded "uh, um, no, unfortunately, he couldn't get out of work today..." Truth be told. I don't think (1) I even invited Dan and (2) he even truly knew I was gonna hear the heart beat today. I think I may have told him after my last appointment but I definitely didn't make a big deal about it. Oops? It's not that I don't think these little milestones are big deals, I just am not one of those "lets share this special moment together" type of chicks. I texted him right after and let him know that our babe had a good, strong heart beat, and he was excited and I was like YIPEE, and that was perfect for us. The next big milestone is the twenty-week ultrasound. Maybe I'll invite Dan to that one! :p

It seems like this pregnancy is going by soooo slow. I remember feeling that way with Jane too. It feels like I've been 14 weeks forever. Maybe that's because I thought I was fourteen weeks two weeks ago, so, technically, in my barely-working brain, I have been fourteen weeks forever. I'm not wishing my time away and all that other blah blah blah stuff but I am looking forward to feeling more pregnant. Is that crazy? I'll regret that statement in four weeks I'm sure.

The strangest thing about hearing the baby's heartbeat today was realizing, WTF, there's something in there! I mean the test says "pregnant" and you start eating like a teenage boy and your pants start getting tighter and your sick when you don't eat and you feel like having a nap about five minutes after you wake up from 10 hours sleep.... but part of me still thought I'd go in today and Dr. P would say that there was no baby in there and that I was just eating too much. It was kinda great to hear the little galloping horses though. I just wish I owned my own thingy-me-bopper so that I could just sit here on the couch listening to his/her heartbeat all night long. It'd be neat for Jane to hear too, although, I'm not sure she cares too much right now.

We've been telling Jane since the day we found out that she's going to be a big sister, that she's going to have a little brother or sister, etc. etc. She doesn't seem too interested. She's also convinced that she has a baby in her belly too. I think maybe when she can feel the baby move and when mommy has a more obvious belly, it might help her understand that something's going on. Probably not. I know, oftentimes, with your second pregnancy you start to feel the movements earlier because you know what to expect... but when is "early"?

Here's a totally random side-track... pregnancy dreams are ridiculous. Sometimes this equates to great dreams where gorgeous celebrities are my boyfriends. Other times I'm dating my doctor and that makes those days when he's checking my vagina really awkward. Last night I had a dream that Kris Humphries was my boyfriend. Actually, he started out as my sister's boyfriend - who just happened to be Kim Kardashian (his real life soon-to-be x-wife). Then we went for a ride on a sea-doo and by the end of it, we were see-dooing through a building(???) and holding hands. Apparently, even though he was my sister, Kim's, boyfriend, I had only known him through his appearances on The Kardashians and, it wasn't until our romantic sea-doo adventure, that I realized how misunderstood he was. And we fell in love. HA! I don't even like Kris Humphries. I don't have a CLUE how he ended up in my dream?!?! And where did the sea-doo come from?

Anyways, off to eat some smarties and relax on the couch... I consider pregnancy no different than when I did weight watchers. Being that I had my weigh-in today, of course I am pigging out today (and probably for the next few days) because I have four whole weeks until I have to get on the scale again... :p


Dawn said...

I felt babe week 15 this time! Week 19 with Zoe. You'll probably notice soon :)

Angelene said...

I also noticed Matthew @ 15 wks or so. Exciting times ahead!!! Love hearing the heart beat - so reassuring and it always makes me teary eyed!