Sep 26, 2010

The Guessing Game

There's nothing worse than when your babe is sick. And worse, when you know their not only sick but also in pain. You've given them the tylenol or the advil and, yet, you're still rocking, and shhhh-ing a crying, upset baby. Or, like me, giving up on the idea of a good night's sleep and settling into the guest room with Jane sleeping on my chest while I lie, uncomfortable and hot as h-e-double hockey sticks (that's h-e-l-l for those of you suffering from major MB)... but she sleeps and, eventually, sweaty and aching, I pass out as well.

No idea what was going on last night. As I said last week, Jane's just getting over hand, foot and mouth disease which was awesome fun. But after two nights of, literally, no sleep - and I mean no sleep, I don't mean that whole "she was up all night" like we used to say when they were young and woke up every 2-3 hours, she was literally awake all night, up every 10-15 minutes. ROCKIN. She started sleeping, no more fever, little rash disappearing, etc. Then, yesterday. Touch her skin. Fever. Come about 8-9 month, thermometers are no longer needed, you feel their skin, their burning hands, and you know - fever. Wicked. So begins the guessing game.

Even the doctors play this game. Last week when I brought Jane to the docs, as usual, I got the "virus" talk...  mysterious rash, fever, boogers = virus apparently. "Just a respiratory virus Jen, continue with saline spray, advil/tylenol as needed, humidifier, etc.". Everytime I go there, it's some mysterious virus that has no treatment except saline spray, humidifier and several nights without sleep... so basically no treatment. It was MY FABULOUS DAYCARE GIRLS who accurately diagnosed Jane with hand, foot and mouth... they've seen it all.

But usually, I play the guessing game alone... to avoid the "virus talk" from my doc. Is it just me or do you also feel judged every time you bring your little one to the doc. If it's something serious, I feel judged because I let it go two days without coming in for an appt. AND WORSE, if I DARE go to a walk-in clinic because my doc was booked up for too long for me to leave it un-assessed. If it's a "virus", I feel judged because I brought her in AGAIN for something that has no treatment and is "obviously" a virus! :p *My doc is great, I'm not critisizing him, I think most of it is things I make up in my head because I'm a woman and I over analyze things*

So, yesterday, I played the guessing game, and - as usual - my go-to culprit was teething. Teething sucks. Jane's "fangs" are coming in. I couldn't remember that they were called canines and called them fangs and my bro-in-law told me I was too into the vampires crap! :p ha ha ha. I guess in the long run, it's great that Jane's teeth seem to come in in twos. But combining fever and pain = crappy sleep and that stinks for everybody. AND, it always seems that Jane's teething is always in line with her being sick. I'm curious if teething lowers you immune system protection? I don't know how - maybe because your body is working to bring the teeth in so doesn't have the energy to fight bugs? That's my theory and I know it's wrong and I don't care. :p

The guessing game stinks - because it can work out well - like in the case where you guess it's "just a virus", avoid the judgmental doctors trip, and proceed with the useless "treatments" - or it can work out crappily (made that word up) and you can end up in a state of guilt because you let your babe go on two or three days with laryngitis without constant pain reliever... like I did in June. :p

Here's my question for you - what the heck do you dress your babe in when he/she has a fever for bed? My doc said, after two nights of me doing the opposite, that you should leave them in whatever they usually sleep in. My thought was, with burning skin and a high fever, wouldn't they be hot? I can't remember how I feel when I have a fever...??? 

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Raising Cains~ said...

It's according to how high the fever is in this house (and I have "fever kids", meaning they burn up at the drop of a hat) a really bad fever would be baby going to sleep with a diaper on and a receiving blanket over their legs, (followed by mother checking on them every 10 minutes all night) (although my kids won't go to sleep with a really high fever (40+) because I won't let them, scares me lol) a lesser fever I will put a little undershirt on them (you know, the "wife beaters lol) and a cotton blanket. My biggest thing is sticking with the natural breathable bedding and clothing (ie. Light cotton, not fleece)
You learn after a couple kids that going to the doctor is usually useless, you know your child better then anyone and you learn all the little tricks for a sick baby after having them for a couple of years, the only time my kids go to the doctor*knock on wood*(aside from concussions and things needing to be stitched, lol, aren't boys grand :P) is if they have had their colds for 2+ weeks and I know it has turned into an infection that they will need an antibiotic for. My mom remembers taking me to her 70 year old family doctor and there was a new kid right out of med school training, she said the old guy told the trainee the very first thing you listen to when a mother brings a baby in, is what she thinks is wrong with her child, a mom knows her baby better then anyone and she is usually spot on with her diagnosis =)

Amanda said...

I always put my daughter to sleep in cotton/breathable stuff, especially when she has a fever. I worry about underdressing her, though, because I know when I have a fever I alternate between hot and cold. I wouldn't want her to get the chills, so I usually go with her usual level of layers and it seems to be fine. If she's really sick, I set an alarm to go in every four hours and administer Tylenol while she sleeps.


That picture with you and your little one is SO sweet.