Aug 4, 2010

Resume Update

I've decided to update my resume - and I'm putting Mom as my most recent position. I'm 100% serious when I say that I don't see how employers don't line up to give new and experienced Moms a job. We can do ANYTHING. My life is a constant juggle that I make work. I'm an organizational genius. I can prioritize like no one's business. Multi-task is my middle name. Delegation is survival. Seriously. I'm considering listing it under the following title: CEO, CFO & President, The Ellenberger House.

You know what? I think, if you were lucky enough to come by another Mom when applying for a job, that would work in your favour.

However, when most of us head back to work - the questions we get are along the lines of "do you think you can handle the hours?", "aren't you going to be exhausted?"... etc. etc. Are you serious? Exhausted? The hours? Working outside the house is a breeze compared to my former full-time Mom position! :p Working an 8 or 9 hour day is nothing compared to working a 24/7 week on 4 hours of broken sleep. Like I said, we can do anything. Even on day when my previous night's sleep has been horrible because of a sick baby, or a teething baby, or just an "off baby, I survive with a smile on my face - why? - because we have to! When our babes were newbies and barely sleeping 3 hours straight at a time, we didn't wake up grouchy, complaining, and unable to perform our roles as Mommas - we woke up smiling, bouncing, playing and happily taken care of business for our sweetie pies. As opposed to others who may arrive at work on lack of sleep and whimper around, head hanging low, rubbing eyes, etc. (we've all seen it), we arrive to work (on no sleep) smiling and working at the same pace as always - efficiently. At least, I can generally say that for myself. The only time lack of sleep gets me down is when it results in being sick... at that point your body is commanding you to slow down.

On that note, gotta run to work! :)

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**** April **** said...

I think that's pure genius!

I had a friend who recently decided to update her resume and apply for a few positions. They actually called back and were asking her... ILLEGAL questions... like... if your child is sick, do you have backup childcare, blah blah blah. Can you believe it? Seriously, don't bother to ask me that.

If I go back to work, I want it to be on MY terms... heck, I'll work for my husband! That way I can get off the days I want and make more than I'd ever make in another job!

The perks of being able to sleep with the boss can be cool, huh?