Jul 3, 2010

Pretty Please

Dear Taste Buds,

Please come back to me. I miss the taste of food. I miss the taste of chocolate (which I continue to eat anyways, even though I can't taste it because I can remember how it tastes and that still gives me satisfaction).

Last night, I had yummy takeout for dinner and tasted none of it. Awesome waste of money. I had taste sensation when I ordered and BAM, bad karma or something, it vanished before the food arrived. BS.

I actually did a homemade nasal cleanse thing last night in hopes of getting my taste back so I could enjoy a bowl of frozen yougurt... found a "recipe" online and "rinsed" my nasal passages with a salt water solution as per those kettle looking things that Dr. Oz goes on about. Nodda (I know one of you corrected me on how to spell this but I can't remember how to so can you please let me know again :). I sprayed enough saline mist up my nose to dry out the Atlantic Ocean and nothin. I'm taking daytime and nighttime decongestant and nothin. Useless. On the plus, my throat no longer feels like someone is stabbing me every time I swallow! :) YIPEE for a positive side! :p

My nose is currently covered in vicks vaporub and, yet, I can't smell a thing.... which also kind of sucks because I'm pretty sure Jane's going to get diaper rash as I've twice now missed poops because my typical immediate reaction because I can smell it a mile away is disabled. I literally put my nose right to her bum yesterday, didn't smell a thing and had the common sense to take a peak anyways and the thing was loaded full. I guess that's kind of a positive and a negative! :p

Oh, I watched the cutest chick flick the other night... Letters to Juliet (letters from juliet?? something like that). It was typical rom-com, really no surprises, but super sweet and I really liked the male lead guy so that's really what makes a movie anyways! I know half of you think I'm crazy but I'm just about dying to see Eclipse... pretty sure it will be as all Twilight MOVIES go - lame-o acting, half-good CGI, but I really don't care. I turn into a 15 yr old girlie and I want to marry the vamp and have the werewolf as my boyfriend. Still haven't seen Sex in the City yet but I haven't heard great things... what's the deal?

Update - Just found two benefits to being sick (1) no sense in eating because I can't taste anything - feel it's wasteful to eat my precious chocolate without the full satisfaction - I mean, I might as well eat paper towel at this point. (2) The constant coughing is becoming more of an ab workout than I've had in 16 months - my upper abs are hurting baby! Oh yeah, feel the burn! :p 

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~*Cee*~ said...

Aw, you poor thing!
Lemon herbal tea...after a hot steam shower. I personally hate vicks vaporub (unless it's on toenails, cuz it helps to prevent ingrowns--straight from my friend, the foot nurses', mouth!) so I use Aleva Naturals Breathe Easy Cream (about $10/a tube at Zehr's or a SuperStore in the natural section). I got a tube when E was about 8 months old. We still have it. It's more than half full. A little goes a lot with this stuff. Look it up...you'll like it. Trust me. And when you can actually smell again, you'll enjoy the scent more than Vicks.
Oh, and where's your hubby? Why isn't he rubbing your feet for you??

Mama Hen said...

I don't like when I can't taste food! Ugh! hope you feel better!am a new follower! Come visit Mama's Little Chick! I hope you have a great 4th of July!

Mama Hen

Unknown said...

Saw Swx in the city - it wasn't half as good as the first! HOWEVER...I also saw eclipse and OH MY GOD - it was wicked :) I actuall went to a special early screening - lol - i know your jelous and proud at the same time.
Think i can catch that flu thing beofre the wedding?? Send it over in the mail or something...i can do paper towel for a few days :)
hope you feel better hun xox