Jul 10, 2010

Coordination Nightmare

This was my morning...

1:30am - Jane wakes up, won't go back to sleep. Worked 12-8pm last night so missed her anyways and didn't mind bringing her into bed with me! :) Had fabulous dream about Chris Noth (Mr. Big, SATC) that made me very happy.
7:00am - Woke up. Jane still sleeping. Stuck in bed as wouldn't leave her there for a second in fear of her attempting to get off the bed on her own (i.e. falling off).
7:20am - Jane wakes up. BOING. That's how Jane wakes up. No tossing and turning, no whining, no slow somber wake up. She BOINGS up, opens her eyes and laughs.
7:21am - Crap. Realize it's 7:21am and I have to work at 9am. Crap. Time to put 'er into gear.
7:30am - Wake up Dan so he can keep Janers occupied while I attempt to make myself presentable. It's about this time that I remember that Dan's taking Jane to a wedding this afternoon by himself and that I have to do a lot of "prep work" before I leave for work. Awesome.
7:32am - Downstairs, getting breakfast for Jane and cleaning up as I go. Oh yeah, I should probably eat myself. Crap, I have to pick out some wedding-friendly toys (e.g. books as they are the only non-noise-making toys in my house) and throw some snacks in a bag that will hopefully keep Jane occupied for a wedding ceremony... should I mention to Dan that this is very, very, very unlikely? Should I mention that it's likely that she'll be occupied for about 45 seconds on his lap before she wants to get down and walk and tells everyone that by squealing at the top of her lungs. Nah. He'll figure it out. I did tell him to sit at the back!
7:45am - CRAP. Books, snacks done. Need to put on my "war paint" (a.k.a. makeup) and brush my hair. No time for shower, good thing I thought of that last night. Still in my pj's. Have to pick out Jane's dress for wedding. Crap. Does she have dress shoes that still fit her? Dan makes it downstairs and isn't feeling so hot. Decides he better skip out on the wedding as between the whole "not so hot" thing and the Jane factor, a successful single-Dad wedding adventure is virtually impossible. PHEW as I forgot that I decided to leave the gift wrapping, card signing and direction finding until this morning in my last night laziness.
8:00am - Still in pj's but ready otherwise (although an outfit hasn't been pick out - minimal issue). Dan comes upstairs and says that he is going to go to the wedding because he feels bad. Jane getting cranky. Tell him that she probably wants her "baa-baa" and he heads back downstairs to get it ready.
8:05am - Jane's dress shoes barely fit. Like, it's a good thing she won't be out walking around because it's probably child abuse. Add that to my to do list for tomorrow - size 5 dress shoes for Jane, check! These'll do for today. Dan arrives with bottle and I disappear to go downstairs and wrap the gift. I can hear Jane freaking out from downstairs but I leave it, Dan is a more-than-capable daddy.
8:10am - Dan gives up and comes downstairs. Jane too grouchy, not taking bottle. Mommy gives it a try (which I kind of wanted to anyways because I'd be away from her all day - it's as if she and I planned it that way) and it works for me. Jane down for nap. PHEW.
8:20am - Dan decided to go for nap because he feels like crap. Wrapped the gift and found the info on where the wedding is/what time it is for Dan.
8:30am - Crap. It's 8:30. I gotta get going. Still in my freakin' pj's!
8:40am - Dressed and ready to go. Out the door.
8:41am - Back inside. Upstairs to ask Dan how the heck he plans on getting to the wedding when I'm about to drive away with our one-and-only car?!?! AHHHHH! Jane's asleep, he's in his pj's and I'm already on the verge of being late. We decide that we'll figure it out later. Even though, I know, that Saturday's are supposed to be insane at work and, thus, I'm obviously not allowed to take a break to drive home and be driven back to work and dropped off so my hubby can have the car. We'll figure it out later. Awesome. Genius.
11:00am - Start calling Dan from work. No answer. Call 45 times. No answer. She's got to have woken up by now and things are dead here at work so I can probably sneak away for 10 mins to pop home and pop back so Dan can have the car.
12:00pm - Calling Dan. No answer. WTH!!! Now I worry and then I get angry - I wish he'd answer the freakin' phone.
12:30pm - Dan answers. Jane apparently woke up right after I left. Then he got sick. Then they had a three hour nap snuggled together on the bed. Wedding is out - he feels like crap. Probably has what Jane and I suffered through for the last two weeks.

No one's fault obviously but super glad I ran around headless-chicken style all day for nuthin'! What a mess. Is having a baby the best thing I've ever done, could ever imagine, in my entire life? ABSOLUTELY! Does it sometimes make things that were once simple, challenging? ABSOLUTELY!  Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Exhausting? ABSOLUTELY!

Have a great weekend!

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Lindsay said...

Just wait till you have to coordinate outfits, shoes, coats, snacks, drinks & toys for 2 kids!! Two kids who are completely non-cooperative and whiny when it's time to get out the door.

It makes the days of only one kid seem like a total piece of cake!!

Nathalie S. Roths said...

Wow! The up and downs to mix work and family. Hope your family will be back healthy again. This is probably a day where you would have appreciated some help around. Hope your Sunday will be more relaxing...

**** April **** said...

you deserve a cookie or SOMETHING for that. Man alive! The ONLY thing that saves me (and I have 3 kids) is prepping EVERYTHING the night before... that's the only thing man.