May 25, 2010

My Life Update

First of all, what a beautiful long weekend we had! Yesterday was easily 30 degrees out - not a cloud in the sky, it was awesome. We had Jane's pool out both days and yesterday I even hopped in, dress-schmess, to have some fun. Biggest complaint about the sun? Having to worry about sunscreen on Jane. I picked up Aveeno Baby SPF 55 which was the closest thing to "all natural" I could find at our local drug store and I'm sure it's fine (despite the $15 price tag). However, getting it on Jane 30 mins before "exposure" and making sure it's all over is an interesting challenge. I mean, how do you tell a 1 year old "no, you have to stay inside for 30 minutes now because your sunscreen has to dry"... even I didn't want to stay in yesterday for 30 minutes. I think I have to get her one of those SPF bathing suits. Her current bathing suit is more fashion than function. And, yesterday, not thinking, Dan and I were so excited about getting her in the pool that I applied the sunscreen and immediately plopped her down in the pool and watched this milky water float away from her skin as all the protection washed away. So, then, I worried the entire time she was swimming that she was burning to a crisp but, alas, she was fine. Noted for later though. Second complaint... Jane hates sunglasses. SHOCKER. I think we'd all hate sunglasses if they didn't strategically cover up the fact that I'm not wearing any makeup and look like I have two black eyes under here. I bought her those Baby Bandz to try and keep them on her and instead she just pulls on them so they are sideways on her face (resulting in a tantrum) or around her neck - choking hazard much? She's half-good at wearing a hat so that's been a fairly decent alternative, except that usually expires after 20-30 mins and then the hat goes in the pool.

FAB news - Jane finally slept through the entire night. She's been sick with a head cold so my expectation of her sleeping through the night right now was about as high as expecting someone to drop a million bucks on my doorstep. Regardless, Sunday morning I woke up... it was 6am. I didn't have to look at the clock. I knew that I had been asleep for a long time. I knew it was passed the usual 3-4am wake up. When I saw 6am, I was shocked. I searched my brain as hard as I could to try and remember if I she had woken up or not... I mean, sometimes I'm literally not conscious when I go in her room. But I hadn't. Shock. WOOHOO. Of course, I was not about to brag about it. No telling everyone. No posting on Facebook (Nancy :p). And, of course, after a full day of play, sun, exhaustion, I made mistake number one - I expected her to sleep through the night again. Ha ha ha. The Goddess of sleep bitch-slapped me last night. Jane woke up at midnight and didn't, literally, didn't fall back to sleep until after 4am. She's never done that to me ever. An hour or two, yes, but four hours... I even took her into bed with me, thinking, "ahhh, she's sick, maybe she just wants her Mommy" and it worked for about 3 minutes until she woke up, sat up straight and started laughing at the fan. Awesome.

Hey want some more good news? Those damn ants found a new home and a new way into my house. Last night, I'm sitting in my livingroom and feel this tickle on my arm and YUCK ant. Look down and there's at least 5-6 of those buggers crawling around my feet. I can still feel them all over me. So, I made my little borax ant killer crap and set out outside. Finally, we found their home last night and I poured my mix all over the suckers. As opposed to my previous guilt about killing them, this time I said "hasta la vista baby" and I hope those creepers die for good. :p Anger much? I'm tired, obviously. Don't cross me when I'm tired. Worse? Tired and hungry. My husband practices evasive maneuvers when I'm tired and hungry.

A quick update on the breastfeeding. Jane's basically weaned herself off the boob during the day now. She just will not take it. I think this is common as it's easier for babes to get milk out of the bottle vs. the boob (which they often have to work hard at to get the "let down"). So, she gets bottles throughout the day - two formula, two half-formula, half-homo (full fat) milk). Is it ok to mix formula and homo milk? Cause I have and so far it's not seemed to hurt. Jane definitely didn't jump right on the homo milk train and still refuses a little when I give her those half-n-half bottles. But she's getting there. She still takes boob if she wakes at night. FYI for those ladies still suffering from engorgement. At this point, for me, not an issue. Because we have weaned so gradually, my boobs have slowly adjusted and I've yet to have any discomfort.  

Jane officially starts daycare the week after her birthday (June 5th is her birthday). We take that week to "transition" - so day one we stay together for an hour or two, day two she stays alone for an hour or so, day three she stays alone for a few hours, etc. etc. By Friday, she is there all day. Honestly, for those of you who are "newer" Moms and are still thinking you'll never be able to leave your baby again and go back to work. You likely will. Some of you won't want to and won't do it and that's fine. But, trust me, when Jane was 6-7 months, I was still not ready but I am now. Of course, I feel mommy guilt in saying that. Obviously, I would love to spend every day of the rest of my life hanging out with Jane. But, I'm ready to get out of the house. There's a few girls on my street who have home daycares, so we meet them and the kids at the playground during the day. Jane plays with all the other babes and kids and doesn't even notice if I'm there or not... she loves it. This definitely gives me peace of mind for the transition. Although, I know it will still be hard. God help me if she cries when I leave. I think the key will be, making it as I do at home - when Mommy leaves, no big deal - kisses, waves, an "I'll be back" (not Arnold S style) and gone. No biggie. We'll see how that goes. I'm likely to sit outside the daycare for the entire two hours in case she hurts herself or I can hear her crying! :p tee hee hee. Not really. Maybe. Hopefully not.

Ok, gotta go. Jane napping. Mommy going to watch 24 finale.

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Raising Cains~ said...

Hey Jen,
I was looking for some chemical free bug spray receipes and this poped up.
Hopefully your ant days are behind you, but if not this might be worth a shot. =)

trac54 said...

Dear Jen,
You made TWO Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold S for those that don't want to risk spelling it lol) feferences in this little entry. Whats going on? Terminator much?

I am so thankful I don't have ants. OH MY GOD. But to be honest I think they are WAY better than earwigs. I can't even kill an earwig as they scare me to death. However, ants are like cute little circles and don't have claws or whatever the hell earwigs have.

**** April **** said...

30 degrees and you're in a pool? Are you talking Celcius or something? Ha ha!

Looks like she had fun. I think asking someone to wait 30 minutes after being slathered with sunscreen is a bit much. I would never have thought anything of that. I will give two thumbs up for the SPF bathing suits... they wind up with some funky tan lines but they work!

I totally had to LOL at your comment about wondering if she actually HAD been up. I do that too (I have a 2 month old). I'm like, OK... what did I watch off of Tivo...was that tonight? Hmm... did he sleep 5 hours or was that a figment of my imagination.

I remember the weaning stages of my other two... same thing as you... no engorgement becuase it was such a gradual process.

Good luck with ridding yourself of the ants. I HATE THOSE THINGS!