May 27, 2010

Blog Birthday

Yesterday's post was a less than ideal celebration of a year's worth of "work" on the blog. I say "work" because it's not truly work. It takes a lot of work but I enjoy every minute (well 90% of the minutes) so would you call it a hobby? Hmmm... doesn't seem to give the time and effort the respect it deserves. Regardless, a year's worth of sharing my experiences, good and bad, with all you fabulous ladies has been fabulous.

Writing this blog has kept me sane throughout the last year. It's been like my little conversation with my girlfriends everyday - bragging about things I've done well, whining when things have gone wrong, fessing up when I've royally screwed things up, and laughing with you all when I've been just plain crazy! I have met so many wonderful women from all around the world because of MOmMy bRaIn and that's definitely made all of the effort worth it. There are many of you who have become great friends as we have bonded through sharing the steps and stages we go through as Mommas.

When I started the blog, I was nervous about it, shy about sharing my feelings and experiences, and absolutely not thinking anyone would be interested in hearing about it but my immediately family and friends. Two hundred followers, and 5000 hits per month later and I'm thinking that I'm not the only one out there who likes to feel like they're not alone! :) Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the past twelve months.

Obviously, things will slow down on the blog in the next little while (hopefully, fingers crossed). I'm really looking forward to getting back to work. As much as I have so cherished every minute with my sweet Jane, my career has always been a priority to me as well and I am excited about getting out of the house again, getting back a little more "me". 

In honour of my blog "birthday", I thought I would re-share some of my favourite blog moments over the past year.

Here goes:

One of the posts I had the most fun writing was my "Top 10 to Make you Laugh" where I shared actual things my husband had said to me while pregnant that very nearly got him murdered (hormones + stupid comments = justifiable cause). Think "maybe it's because you're eating so much..." or "you're huge".

Two of the posts that cracked me up the most were my "Dear" body series - where I wrote letters to my boobs and brain discussing some of the issues I had with each at the time. Check out "Dear Boobs" and "Dear Brain" - they are short and funny. I swear I wrote both of them in the middle of the night in between feedings!

One of the posts I'm most proud of is "A Changed Perspective". I write almost everyday. That's hundreds of posts within the last year. Every once in awhile I write a post that I truly love. Every once in awhile I write a post that I think is great. This was one of them. Not saying you're going to love it. Just saying I did! :p

If you're up for a good laugh, check out my MOmMy bRaIn Mondays... thank goodness my MB moments have decreased so drastically that they aren't worth writing about anymore. Some of those were just bad!

I've learned so much this year. I think the biggest change has been in my confidence. I have always been a confident person but I am proud of myself for everything I've accomplished this year. As women, we rarely give ourselves much credit. But, I'm a great Mom. I've handled all the challenges of motherhood better than I ever could have expected and that makes me feel like I can do anything! :) I'm sure if you take the time to reflect, you'll realize the same about yourself.

My favourite part of this blog is that, in 20 years, Jane can look back and (if she wants to) read about all the details of her first years. It's like the ultimate baby book! And it's very likely I'll be re-reading these moments for years and years to come.

Thanks again for everything. I promise to do my best to continue to post regularly, even if it's just a quick update...

It's been awhile since I posted a video of my little monkey. Last week, I'm chopping watermelon up for her when I hear this echo-y voice... I'm like WTH?!?! I turn around and this is what I see - the NEXT American Idol! :p

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Jennifer said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Even though I may not always comment, I do come and read and have enjoyed your blog these past few months! Great job!

I just celebrated a year of blogging myself and found that it's changed me in more ways that I could ever imagine!

SayK said...

I too, wanted to tell you that eventhough i don't really comment, your blog puts a smile on my face every day! I am also a Canadian mom and my little girl is 4 weeks older than Jane - so we have been going through most of the same things at the same time; and it has been so nice to feel that connection out there in cyeberspace!
Thanks for all the posts and look forward to reading more!

Jen said...

Thanks Gals - you're too sweet. I have enjoyed it as much as you! If you haven't added me on Facebook - please do!

Chris said...

Happy Blog Birthday! What a great post. I can't wait to continue to follow for the next year. All the best.