Apr 21, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Another half-pound gone this week, so only 2 lbs to go which basically makes me feel like I'm there. With fear in my heart, I set out on the weekend to try on some of my pre-baby summer clothes (which I couldn't even get up over my thighs last year). Happily, I shall not have to hit the stores this year as my favourite size 6 shorts from Old Navy fit as good as ever... not too tight, not too lose (as if too lose would bother me! :p).

I hate shorts. Not because they show off the legs, just because I'm pretty confident that no one, except for celebrities who wear them with high heels and weight 100 lbs, look great in them. I always preferred to wear casual skirts or dresses in the summer than shorts.
But, fact is, seeing as I'll be chasing around a 1 year old this summer, unlikely I'll be comfortable flashing the world my voo every time I have to bend down or sit on the floor.

Hey, did you hear about this new "trend" for female celebs? IMAGINE - they are deciding to go "au natural" in magazines. No touch-ups, no air brushing, etc. What do you mean, you are going to promote looking like real people and not putting a "perfect" image out there for girls to try hopelessly to attain? Cool. I'm on board and giving these chicks more credit than I am joking about above as they are definitely sending a message and the "pressure" just might work a little. First to get "naked", Jessica Simpson on Marie Claire... and she went all the way - not only no air brushing, no makeup and no hair styling! Can I just say that I love this girl? I know most people thing she's dumb and all that crap but I like her. Did anyone else watch "The Newlyweds" when she was married to Nick?
Dan and I loved that show, they were hilarious and, despite the mansion and crazy cars, just like any other couple... and now that I have severe mommy brain, Jessica Simpson looks like Einstein next to me some days. I think she's the poster child to how parents can screw up their kids - her father was a pagent Mom, if you ask me (not classifying all pagent- Moms as "pagent-Moms", you know what I mean though). Anyways, check out these pics - she looks freakin' gorgeous. Did you see her on Oprah recently? Of course you did, you're Moms. Talking about her "weight" issues and how the paparazzi blow up that she's so over weight and such when she's a size 6. Now, with that said, she does look slightly bigger than what we got used to seeing her when she was dancing around washing a car in a bikini during the Dukes of Hazard days. However, s'no different than someone throwing my wedding pictures in my face now and saying "how come you don't look like that anymore". I'd kill 'um!

Britney's also come out and posted the pre-touch up photos from a Candies shoots for all to see. Don't know if that's because she's trying to promote good body image or if she's just gone off the rails again. Regardless, the girl has also been up and down in weight a little more than your average toothpick celeb (e.g. she didn't do a Shape magazine cover 4 weeks post-baby claiming it was just good eating and "chasing around the kids" that gave her her six-pack back) and I can appreciate that. She looks freakin' great in both untouched and retouched photos but you can definitely see that they shaved off her thighs to make her look less muscular. Her waist has been slimmed down as well. God, if I re-touched all my photos like that, weigh-in wednesdays might never have existed! :p

It makes me so happy to see the trend kicking off. Imagine if it blows up and magazines start realizing that I don't want to see some 100 lb 15 year old girl trying to sell me a wedding dress or bathing suit. I'd much rather see a normal person wearing it so I can, somewhat, imagine what I may look in it. A girl can only dream! And mostly I dream because I have a daughter and I hope the world isn't full of over-processed, "perfect" images of women as she grows up. I mean back in the day Marilyn Monroe was IT and she was no Gisele Bundchen. Glamour mag posted this photo of a model in an issue last year (without drawing to the fact that she was "plus-sized" - in model terms)... they just used the photo and it BLEW UP. Apparently, they got such a great response from their readers they decided to do it more often - hey, it's a start! Fact is, ladies, we're the consumers, we're the voice, we are basically the CEOs of these companies... if we demand it, they'll give it to us.

As usual, I started writing this post without an idea of what to say or talk about... I mean, these weigh-in wednesdays have been ongoing for ages now and I'm sure you're getting as sick of hearing my excuses and whining as I am of doing it. Hoping these pics and, somewhat, "real" women help you have one of those days where you feel like HOT STUFF, cause you are!

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 139 lbs
Pounds lost: 18 lbs
Pounds to lose: 2 lbs

Lots of love beautiful girls,

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trac54 said...

Is it bizzar that I really find that last picture WAY more effective.

I find that girl SO attractive seeing her cute little belly. The fact that she can show it off in a magazine makes me feel incredible.

I don't know what it is! I've never seen this photo or ever heard of it but it made my heart skip a beat! It's incredible how I see these pictures of the actresses/models and to me they really are not people. They are not memorable whatsever.

But that picture just made me feel so great.

Someone else that I find super beautiful is Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. She has the most beautiful curves and brags about it. She's been named hottest woman of the year!


For real, just google her name and look at the images. She's just the perfect size in my mind. HOLY!

p.s I'm going to start blogging officially tomorrow. You better start following babby!

Jen said...

Consider me your number one! :)

trac54 said...

hahah Jen when I first read that I forgot that I had spoke about my blog and assumed your comment was in response to me saying Christina Hendricks was voted hottest woman of the year.

I read it as you saying Consider me your number one! hahaha as in you'd be my hottest woman of the year.

I have tracey-brain not mommy-brain. oh my goodness.

wall stickers for kids said...

You are so beautiful