Apr 9, 2010

MOmMy bRaIn Feedback

Hey Y'all, hoping to get some feedback on the blog... everything is anonymous, I'm going to hunt you down for telling me that you hate hearing about my poopy stories or hearing me whine about being 5 lbs heavier than I'd like to be. Thanks in advance! :)

UPDATE - Had some people saying they can't see the submit button... seems to be only happening in Internet Explorer and in both my browsers (IE and Firefox it's appearing fine). If you can't submit on your browser and want to fill it out - here's the link for the form. Hopefully that will work for you! Thanks again.


Allie said...

Hey I think I'm slow, but how do I get my answers to submit??? There's no "Submit" button or anything - unless my browser is just being lame!

Jen said...

You're not slow Allie! There should be a submit button at the very bottom. I see in Internet Explorer (I have no idea why) that the submit button is cut off but still visible... I will get my hubby to look at it.

Lift Like A Mom said...

I have no submit button