Mar 19, 2010

Lazy Day Post

Because I am too lazy today to write about the bazillion topics I have back-logged in my brain that I want to share with you, I've decided to do this instead... I'm hoping, at least it may turn out to be funny. :p

Today is… Friday, March I have no idea as, being on maternity leave, I'm impressed I knew that it was Friday.

Outside my window... people are going to work. I can't help but think about the 9-5 again. Part of my yearns for it, the other part wants to start buying lotto tickets. Problem with lotto tickets? You convince yourself you're going to win. I literally sit there and think about how much my life will change WHEN I win the lotto. Then I get pissed when I don't win (even though I was sure it was my destiny) and claim "I will never buy a lotto ticket again" - along the same lines as drunk university girls claiming "I will never drink again" while praying to the porcelain Gods.

I am thinking... that I really don't want to fold the laundry. But I purposely dumped in all over my bed so that I'd either have to fold it or put it all back in the basket before bed tonight. Stupid. I should have just left it in the basket.

I am thankful for... mornings. Mornings are my favourite time of day. I've always been a morning person... I'm my most productive before 1pm.

I am wearing... grey jogging pants and a green hoodie. The same clothes I wear everyday, pre-workout. Then, I put on jeans with the green hoodie... cause jeans make it so much sexier. :p

I am going... swimming today. Jane's swimming lesson was canceled this week because of March break plus we missed her lesson last week because she was sick. So, despite the big red warning on the pool's webpage basically saying the pool will be so busy don't bother coming, we're going anyways. Worst case - pool is so insanely busy we get in, get out and go home. We've still gotten out of the house which is the whole point regardless.

I am reading... Abraham Lincoln's Biography. HAH. I go on "kicks" with my reading. I've taken a hiatus since becoming obsessed with the Twilight books and reading them (yes, I'll admit it) twice (cringe). However, I've got a good stack of "chick-lit" dying to join me in the bathtub.

On my mind... finding a job, working out the logistics of it all... weening, daycare, etc. This is always in the back of my mind these days.

From the learning rooms… I don't know what that means. ha ha ha.

Pondering these words... "What's meant to be will be". I'm curious what this time next year will hold. I've always held the belief that everything happens for a reason. So, I'm curious where I'll be in a year's time and if I'll be thinking "hmmm, that's why that happened" and "oh, now I understand why that didn't work out", etc.

From the kitchen… bean burgers for supper tonight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sounds nasty (I know, I would have scrunched up my nose a year ago) but they are AWESOME. I didn't even "like" beans a year ago. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

Around the house... land mines... toys everywhere. Oh yeah, and dust bunnies. The house is in major need of a swiffer but Jane cries every time I turn on the vacuum and I don't want to vacuum when she naps in fear it will wake her up and I'll lose my "me time". So, there's dust bunnies. Whateves. Once they get big enough that Jane starts trying to eat them, I'll take care of it. :p

One of my favorite things... now that the weather is nicer, being outside. You forget, after the long winter, how much you love the warmth of Spring and how nice it is to be outside again! Jane fell asleep in the car yesterday... instead of bringing her in the house (and risking waking her), I washed the car. I had literally just run the car through the car wash a few days ago but I just wanted to be outside and would have done anything (by anything, I mean that I also cleaned the dog poop off the lawn - YUCK) to enjoy it.

A few plans for the rest of the week... well, it's Friday so I'm just going to make up some crap that I may or may not do in the next few days - more trips to the park, shopping (what else is there to do on the weekends but spend money?), I'll definitely eat some chocolate... :)

From my picture journal...

If I forget to add a picture here, then are you really surprised? I'm uploading pictures from the park yesterday and there's a very good chance this post will get published before I realize why I was uploading them in the first place... :)

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trac54 said...

Give me the bean burger recipe! I'm assuming it's the same ones Kristie makes?

Ange said...

This was a fun post! ENJOY your chocolate this weekend!!

I just presented you with an award over at my blog....cause you're pretty awesome!

Unknown said...

great idea for a post :) I may have to use this one day when I can't come up with something to blog about!