Feb 4, 2010

For My Hubby

Today is my hubby's Birthday. His first Birthday as a Daddy (although, I'm sure he'd say he was a Daddy last year too seeing as he's loved our little bug as much as I since we first knew of her existence). So, I thought I'd write him a little love note to surprise him on his Birthday.

I remember your first Birthday that we celebrated together as a couple. We had only been dating for just a few days over a month. Typically, I would have been stressed. In most of my previous relationships I would have been so insecure about what to do for a Birthday, especially after only being together a month - do I buy him something? do I just do a dinner thing? am I supposed to do both? am I supposed to do anything? maybe just a card? and a cake? if I do buy him something, what should I buy him? clothes? something sentimental? Holy crap, it'd be easier to just dump the guy! :p But, for you, it was different. I wanted to buy you everything. I wanted to do everything. Although, we were only a month into our relationship we had already said "I love yous", we hadn't spent a day apart, you were basically moved in to my place, we knew this wasn't a "typical" relationship.

Six years later... look at us. Yes, there are days when I want to kill you. Yes, there are days (obviously, less days) when you want to kill me. ha ha ha. :p But we're best friends. Even when I'm mad at you, I have to try my hardest not to laugh at how "stupid" you can be some times and, even more hilarious, your attempt at apologies... bringing me home chocolate.

We don't pretend to be perfect, you and I. Many of our friends get a kick out of our constant banter back and forth. But that's what makes us work - we're 100% honest with each other, we don't hold anything back and we always tell each other when we're pissed about something. Because of this, from the outside, it may look like we're always at each other - to us, it's what ensures that, at the end of the day, we are laughing together... we're not bitter with each other, we're not ticking time bombs waiting for the "right" moment to explode into a giant blow-up, we're laughing and content.

I don't think it surprised either one of us that we would transition into being parents so easily. We were both aware of the challenges that we'd have to overcome and we talked our a**es off about it before Jane was born. We're both well aware of each others strengths and weaknesses and, so, we know what will be more challenging for the other and we've done pretty well at supporting each other and not criticizing when those "weaknesses" show themselves. This is one of our biggest strengths as a couple... really knowing each other and working (always working) to understand and accept the differences.

I could sit here now and write about how you have surpassed my expectations as a Father... how you are a better Dad than I ever envisioned. But that'd be a lie. I knew from the minute I started thinking about you as a Dad that you would be a great Dad. Where you have surpassed my expectations is as a husband after becoming a Father. To be a good Dad and a good husband are two completely separate things. You have done your best to make my life easier this year, to make sure I was happy, to make sure I could focus my attention at being a great Mom (which I obviously am :p)... and that's what a great husband does. You are a great husband (95% of the time, 5% I want to kill you, ha ha ha, hmmm... actually, it's likely more like 85-15ish, ha ha ha).

So, this Birthday will be unlike all of your others. Instead of getting spoiled rotten, going out for a fancy, expensive dinner and drinking too much, we will probably order in, eat on the floor while playing with Janers and be in bed by 10pm. I know you. I know, to you, this will be your best Birthday yet.

I love you soooo much. I know you don't believe me most of the time but it's true. :)

Me xo

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Angelene said...

Sweet post Jen - love the pictures! I hope you guys have a great birthday night together as a family!

Lena! said...

Lovely post! And happy birthday to hubby! You two look like a wonderful match :)