Jan 4, 2010

A Zombie Christmas

Our Christmas was fabulous. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary for the Holidays - watched a lot of movies, ate a lot of "bad" food, saw a lot of family, opened too many presents, etc. etc. I'll write a post on all the cute things Jane got from Santa and family later this week.

One thing that was out of the ordinary was Jane... for a week straight she was waking up every two hours at night. I was a zombie. On New Years Eve, my brother was trying to take pictures of Jane and I and I couldn't look at the camera without my eyes tearing up because they were burning so badly. We ruled out the usual culprits - teething? No - we gave her Tylenol and she still woke up every two hours afterward. Too cold? No - slept her in double fleece and she was still up every two hours. Not only was she waking up but she was wanting to feed. She would get on the boob for less than a minute, calm down and pass out again. So, in my awakened state one night, I started to think... "hmmmm, could it be that she's getting too much cereal? Her poops have definitely been a different consistency the last few days. And she's not farting much anymore (sounds crazy, I know, but as a parent you rely on these little clues)." So, I cut back on the cereal - only feeding two tbsp at breakie and supper and none at lunch (just chicken and sweet potato and some fruit). It didn't 100% solve the problem but she's now only waking up twice a night - usually around 3-4ish and then at 6ish for feeds, sleeping until 7ish - which I'll take happily as last week was hellish!

I'm thinking that maybe she was eating too much cereal and it was making her constipated... but I can't be sure. On the plus (tee hee hee) she's back to farting all the time now, which makes me happy (on how life has changed).

By the way, for those of you who haven't reached that stage yet... solid food poop is INSANELY, ABSOLUTELY, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, NASTY! I am not the type of person to get grossed-out by much. But this new poop is definitely an adjustment. Surprisingly (sarcasm), Mr. Super Smeller (a.k.a. Dan) miraculously doesn't seem to notice when little miss poopy pants lets one go and it always happens that she's in Mommy's care when she fills her diaper. The smell and consistency are ridiculous. And Jane's getting to the stage where, as soon as you take off her diaper, she puts her hands on her voo and her belly. So it's a juggling act to get the thick poop off of her while keeping her hands at bay to prevent el poop-oo in de mouth-o, YUCK-O!

Anyways, here are a few pics but I will have a bunch more for ya throughout the week.

Hope you and yours had a fabulous Holidays!

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morgan said...

We started Quincy on cereal in the last couple of weeks and he did the same thing, he started not going to bed good at night and was just generally more fussy. He didn't poo everyday when strictly on the boob, but the consistancy of his poop changed when he was put on the cereal, it was by no means hard but he was ticked off that he had to give the slightest push to get it out haha. We stopped all the solids, hes thriving on just boob so I guess the rest can wait for a bit. I see on FB your making Janes food, I made all Jorja's eats, by the time she was 1 I would just throw whatever we were having in the food processor and make it into baby food, she wouldn't touch the stuff in jars (can't blame her, any meat in a jar that is supposed to be ok to eat for a year doesn't sound to appealing to me either lol) Good luck getting some more sleep!

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Sounds like you need a day of rest! My sister that just had the twin girls just started them on babyfood and your right it is a whole different world! My husband and I was watching them one night and I went to Wal.Mart really fast to pick up somethings for dinner and he text me "SOS CLAIRE POOPED AND IT"S BAD" lol..