Jan 27, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Dear Lord, I've gotten myself in over my head now... Save yourselves!

I'm starting
Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred... and shred is about the perfect description of what I want to do to this DVD at this point. :p

Y'all know I've been saying for like 500 months now that I need to exercise. I got this DVD when I was still pregnant, knowing, eventually, I'd want to get myself back into shape. I can't dislike myself any longer. I want to be proud of myself again and get back to being confident, sexy, me. Oh yes, I said sexy. Cause that's what this is all about - Operation
Bringing Sexy Back Baby! I am SOOOO cool!

The 30 Day Shred is currently numero uno on
Amazon.com's Bestselling DVDs. Not surprising, being that it's January and basically the whole world decides come January 1st to lose weight. Regardless, I've read quite a few reviews and it seems to be a good bet. PLUS, and my fav part, the videos are only 20-30 mins each which is totally doable and fits my in-between-naps schedule.

Here's the "to dos" for the 30 Day Shred:

(1) Take you measurements - Measure each arm (thickest part), each thigh (thickest part), upper waist (smallest), lower waist (at your belly button), and your hips (biggest part). I did this. To my shock and dismay, I am not the 36-24-36 that I envisioned beforehand! :p

(2) Get your
DVD and set aside about 30 minutes EVERY DAY (oh Dear Lord) for the workout. Apparently, and I quote, "It's very difficult in the beginning because you will be so sore, it will hurt to live." Awesome. I remember kind of liking the pain after a good workout but that was when I wasn't required to do much besides lie on the couch afterward (i.e. pre-Mommy).
(3) Start with 3lb or 5lb dumbbells depending on your fitness level - I'm starting with negative weight. I'm actually having Dan lift my arms for me! ha ha ha.

(4) There are three levels of difficultly (I was actually going to put "1, 2 and 3" after that first sentence... like it wasn't obvious. No, they'd be levels 1, 4 and 22!). You start with level one (duh) and, ideally, every 10 days move up a level until you're at 3. We'll see how well that works with the whole "hurt[ing] to live" thing.

(5) At the end of 30 days, take your measurements again. Even if you haven't made it to level three, you're supposed to see some good results - typically around 10 lbs.

30 days. 30 days. I can do 30 days can't I? I'm half tempted just to see if I can stick to it, not even because of the weight-loss potential... just to see if I can start it without quitting. It'll be harder to quit now that I've posted about it and included pictures cause I'm relying on y'all to hold me to it! We're expecting some results in 30 days ladies!
BTW, the pictures are hideous. I'm thinking if I post really horrible looking pics of myself today and then get myself prettied up for the final photos, then y'all won't notice if I didn't lose a pound! :p Not really true but sounds better than - I was too lazy to put on makeup and brush my hair! :)

Anyways, here are my stats for pre-shred:

Starting WIW weight: 157 lbs

Starting Shred weight: 145 lbs

Pounds lost since WIW start: 12 lbs

Pounds to lose: 7 lbs

As I said, save yourselfs... or join me. :p

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*Note - this WIW post was written on Monday, pre-shred start.

Update #1 - First day of the shred done. It was hard. Not as hard as I expected but afterward, my legs were a little shaky walking back upstairs. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Update #2 - Was a little sore in my legs, abs and chest today when I woke up. Then, I had to do the shred again. I found the exercise easier, somehow, today (I was pushin' it more) but my body was hurting a lot more too. Tonight my body is KILLING me, I can barely move! :p

Update #3 - Morning number 3. On scale of 1 to 10, body hurting at a 5ish, so not bad. A lot better than I expected after barely being able to move last night. We'll see how I feel later this morning after the workout.

BTW, the workout is pretty wicked - I LOVE that it's only 20 mins. It's really hard to not do it when it's only 20 mins!

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Lindsay said...

Ooooh, I want to try this! I could use a boost and someone to be accountable with. How much did you pay for it?

Mandi Miller said...

I am doing the Shred too... It is a killer! But after only 3 days of doing it I could tell a HUGE difference in my endurance. Those butt kicks weren't as hard anymore! The jumping jacks... well I still despise them. It is such a good workout though. It is really tough but I am not near as sore as I thought I would be. I'm sure you will be doing a fabulous job!

Jen said...

Hey Lindsay, it was like $9 on amazon.ca (or .com if you're US). If you start - email me (contact me button at top of page) and we'll suffer together!

Mandi - I'm with ya. Today was day 3 and already I'm pushing it harder and the only exercise I wasn't able to do 100% of was the side lunges with shoulder raises (I missed two-three) - it's not the lunges that kill me it's the stupid shoulder things! Regardless, awesome!

Emily said...

Good for you lady -- you can do anything for 30 days! And hey, after this, running will feel like a treat. ;)

Lena! said...

Keep it up Jen! You already look fab, BTW.