Dec 23, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

Thought of something new this week for WIW - HALLELUJAH!

Didn't think about it until Saturday so I'm starting there. Here are my thoughts, challenges and successes from a few days throughout the week on Operation BSB - Bringing Sexy Back baby!

Saturday: Bridal Shower this afternoon followed by a Christmas party. Normally, if I knew I was having a day of parties where there would be treats galore, I would consider the day a right-off and eat everything I wanted to and more. To my shock and delight, I did the opposite! I had WILL POWER today! Ok, I'll give y'all a minute to get your jaws off the floor. I didn't eat anything at the shower except half a cookie. Then, I intended on having a snack at home in between parties but got blogging and tweeting and completely forgot to eat! Now I'm picking my jaw off the floor because I don't think this has ever happened to me (except the first week Jane was born when I forgot about everything unless it related to her). I didn't even realize I forgot to eat until we were on our way to the party. So, I thought, OOOHHH YEEEAH, Christmas party - lots of treats and yummies, can't wait! But I didn't have a whole lot of time because I was playing with my sweety and her new friend Abby and, again, forgot about the food. So, to summarize, this is (1) not a recommended diet plan (the whole not remembering to eat thing) and (2) unlikely to happen ever again but (3) very impressive as I fully intended on eating my weight in chocolate things today and, instead, I barely ate enough to sustain myself. Perhaps, no... It's probably not a good idea for me to set my goal every day to eat as much as possible in hopes it will results in the opposite, is it? :p

Sunday: Dan's gone over to his friends for football. I always eat worse if I'm home alone because I get bored and boredom is a problem easily solved by snacking! :p However, my friend Emily is coming over to hang out with Janers and I, so we're all good. And, truthfully, I don't really feel like pigging out. Maybe I really am ready to lose this weight? It's a Christmas MIRACLE! :p

Ok, just had a MB moment as I was sitting here doing nothing, diddling around on the net and then I decided to check the blog and realized that I hadn't posted anything today. Awesome. I forgot it was Wednesday and I was supposed to write my WIW post. I also, obviously, forgot to keep up on my idea of writing every day about how things were going. I'm not gonna lie, I had Coldstone Creamery last night and it was good. I'm not going to write off this entire week as a bad eating week but I might as well. I plan on eating whatever I want on Christmas day plus turkey dinner, then we're having another turkey dinner at my bros on the 26th, then my parents come (surely with chocolate in tow) on the 27th, then New Years (we're having steak, lobster, everything - YUM) so basically the next few weeks are a write off! :p

Anyways, I'm another pound down this week, thankfully, and hoping I don't put on weight in the next few weeks just maintain this weight.

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 146 lbs
Pounds lost: 11 lbs
Pounds to lose: 9 lbs

Happy Holidays - I won't be writing "live" posts the next week or so but I've pre-written a bunch of goodies to keep the daily updates coming.

Jen :)

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Angelene said...

This whole post made me giggle - especially the Abby shout-out. :)

I was impressed with your will power at the shower - there was so much yummy food.

Also, what the heck is Cold Stone??

The Berlin Wall said...

I just discovered your blog and...LOVE IT! You crack me up!

I think I just realized that I'm leaving you a comment on a 'weight loss' post...and we all know there is NOTHING funny about trying to lose weight, but I just had to let you know that I really love your humor towards, life, pregnancy, mommyhood, etc..