Dec 29, 2009

Nourish Baby

Despite being a breastfeeder (sounds like some sort of vampire society or something), I totally saw the value in this product when I found out about it - as I experience similar issues when I'm out on the go (with bottles, not with boobs, obviously).

Nourish provides an easy way for Moms to feed their formula-fed babes while they're out and about. Nourish Baby is a formula-ready bottled water with room to add your formula and a nipple top (see the picture because I have no idea how to describe it and make sense at the same time) - it's ready-to-go. I don't know if this is often an issue for formula-fed babes but I can imagine it's difficult to prep bottles when you're at the mall! With this product you basically open a new (BPA-free) bottle, add your formula, shake it and serve it - sounds fab to me! Once baby's finished, you can just throw the Nourish bottle into a recycling bin (c'mon people, lets be earth-friendly here).

As I said above, Nourish seems to make the most sense for when you're out on the go - I don't imagine this product would be practical for regular at-home use as I'm sure it'd be quite a bit more expensive.

Has anyone ever tried this product? If so, give us your feedback! Like I said, I definitely saw the value in it and wanted to let y'all know about its availability in case it could help you out at all!

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1 comment:

Lisa said...

Seems like it'd be just as easy to bring along a bottle with the water measured and those pre-measured formula packets. I bring a bottle of premixed formula (or expressed breast milk) with a travel bottle warmer when I go out.