Dec 21, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Monday

Back again... sadly, with another MB Monday. I look forward to the day when I don't have these issues with my brain functioning properly.

Numero Uno:
TMZ: "Tiger Woods says he's taking an indefinite break from golf"
Me (in my head): "Hmmmm, indefinite. Does that mean he's never coming back? Or, does it mean he'll be back eventually? I should know what indefinite means. God, I'm an idiot. I should ask Dan. If I do he's going to give me that look. That, are you effin' serious look?"
Me (out loud): "What does indefinite mean?"
Dan (in his head): "Is she effin' serious?"
Dan (out loud): "What?"
Me: "What does indefinite mean? Like he's never coming back or he may come back?"
Dan (in his head): "Oh my God, she is effin' serious!"
Dan (out loud): "He may come back eventually"
Me (in my head): "I should have just looked it up online."

(2) I ordered a bunch of photobooks from Kodak as Christmas gifts. My first order was "lost" according to the Kodak people. I was pissed but at least they were able to send them to me quickly enough that I could get them out to the US before Christmas. The second order was sent December 1st (and the shipping said 4-7 days). So, yesterday, I'm like - jeez, my order should have been here last week. So I call kodak to see what's up and they tell me my order must have been lost AGAIN! I lost it. I was on the phone for an hour and a half with them - they said they couldn't get my order out in time for Christmas and they weren't offering me anything - no refund, no credits, nothing. I was pissed. After an hour and a half of my day (and you other new Moms know how precious that time was as Jane was napping, it was my ME time), they gave me a $30 credit and did a re-order on my books, which would arrive God-knows-when. I checked the mail the next day... my order was there. I had spent an hour and a half on the phone losing my mind and the stupid books were sitting in my mailbox. Awesome. On the plus, I got a $30 credit! :p

(3) Three times this week I sent reply emails to people asking them to send me something that they had already given me in the original email. You'd think after the first "nevermind" email, I would have started checking before I sent the "can you send me..." reply, but NO. Three times I had to write "Nevermind, this is why my blog is called MB". If it were family, no biggie, but it was blog-related business stuff. Awesome.

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PS - Perhaps this is a tip everyone is aware of but me and, as always, perhaps it is just a fluke but the last two days, I've broken up Jane's cereal-feeds into one in the AM and one before her last feed of the night (6:30pm, then she has her bedtime feed at 8-8:30ish). Two nights in a row she's slept from 8:30pm until almost 6am! I don't want to curse it but I'm going to stick to this new routine until it fails me! :p

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Ange said...

I had a mommy brain moment on a mommy brain monday....I made plans with 3 different plans for this morning and only just realized it at midnight last night!
I think this may have something to do with the fact that Chloe is now getting up every 3 hrs to eat through the night and I'm back to no sleep. Cereal was a fail last week after trying for the first time so I'll try again today!

mommy cain said...

I've had so many MB moments in the last week. Yesterday the phone was ringing and I finally found it... in the cupboard right beside the box of crackers I had put back an hour before. The onlt thing that has given me some form of comfort was watching my husband poor himself a cup of coffee yesterday and putting the pot the fridge. Maybe it's just Christmas that has us all mindless??

As for Kodak, I have done EXACTLY the same thing, I waited for over two months for prints and then emailed them, they resent them, twice for some reason.It took about 6 months, but I did end up getting the origional order plus the two others they had resent.

Meegan said...

Just an FYI - I've had some major problems with Kodak and their photo books too. I've had much better success (and I even like the printing and options better) with

sarahmarie0730 said...

lol:) i love these moments. i have at least a few a week.