Dec 24, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

Today is Christmas Eve. One of my most favourite days of the year. Most people love Christmas Day because of the gifts, the family, the food, etc. etc. but, to me, there is something so special about the night before Christmas.

When we get older, it's like we forget about all the anticipation and excitement we used to feel as kids or that we feel we need to act "grown up" about it all now. This year it's different. Even though Jane isn't near old enough to understand it all, having a child in the house seems to bring back the spirit of it all. Suddenly the tree, decorations and Santa have a whole new meaning - like you start to remember why Christmas was such a big deal when you were little.

To be honest, when I was a kid I was scared to death of Santa. I used to sleep with my older sister on Christmas Eve because I used to worry about waking up and having Santa in my room, scaring the poop outta me!

In our old neighbourhood, every Christmas Eve at 8 O'clock, Santa would walk around the streets ringing his bell to let the kids know it was time for bed. My parents were fabulous too - always making sure we bought in to the magic. For weeks before Christmas, my Mom would point at the window and say "OH, did you see that? An elf just peaked in that window!" - usually if we were doing something good or something bad - to let us know that the big man was watching. One year, as we were getting a little older and starting to wonder about this whole Santa thing, my parents did the ultimate. When my sis and I came down over the stairs into the living room, there were giant ash footprints from our fireplace to the Christmas tree. Mom and Dad actually had to get carpet cleaners in and, of course, acted super unimpressed with Santa for making a mess. I will never forget that Christmas.

We don't even have a fireplace in our house right now. What the heck am I going to tell Jane - Santa comes in the dryer vent? I could track lint from the dryer to the Christmas tree! :p

I think part of the excitement and joy of being a parent is being able to be a kid again. Being able to re-live all of the excitement and anticipation that comes when you have a full, un-jaded imagination. We all have so much to look forward to!

Wishing you and your family a magical Holidays!

Here are two things that may help:
NORAD's Santa Tracker - tracks Santa all as he travels all around the world!
Personalized Message from Santa - This is so much fun, you get to put in your child's name and gifts they want and it generates a personal message right from Santa!

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Unknown said...

your parents are awesome! :)
I love Jane's stocking too! Did someone make it for her?
Merry CHristmas!!!

Jen said...


I found a lady on kijiji who makes them for like $25 each, personalized. I think she's based out of Ontario as well.