Dec 12, 2009


Ok, perhaps I'm too immature but couldn't they have come up with a better name than "Cakeballs"? Regardless, these look awesome, super cute, and I bet they are delish! I plan on making them for our Christmas party this year... however, right now I'm hoping no one from our Christmas part is reading this because (1) I may not get around to it and (2) mine will look like some horror-movie version of these for sure... I'm setting expectations too high! Maybe, if I make them, I'll post pictures as one of my Crazy Mommy Projects so y'all can laugh at my attempt!

I'm hoping I can find different colours of coating chocolate at the Bulk Barn, or at least white so I can dye them with food colouring. If not, chocolately cakeballs for all - see? That sounds dirty! :p

Click here for the recipe. I got it from Canadian Family magazine which I asked for from my hubby for Christmas last year because I'd read it once at a doctors office... big mistake. Don't hate me if you're a fan but I think this magazine sucks! It takes me like 3-4 minutes to go through it cause it's full of nonsense I have no interest in reading. I think the age range for it is too broad - it covers pregnancy to teenagers so like 90% of the magazine is useless to me.

Have a great weekend!

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Ange said...

Also check out the site They have cake balls on sticks and lots of cute ways to make them!

sarah said...

hahaha cakeballs! I too find that dirty, lol. But they look soooooo cute! good luck!

Unknown said...

i too was going to suggest - very yummy site.

Katie said...

I love making these, and Bakerella is awesome for inspiration! but I agree on the name, i never call them that. I usually say cake truffles :) or cake bites