Nov 24, 2009


Hey Everybody,

Very important news re: Storkcraft Cribs this morning... specifically Storkcraft Cribs with drop-down sides made between 1993 and 2009 - so likely every crib still out there. FYI some Storkcraft Cribs are also sold in the U.S. under the Fisherprice logo.

Apparently, there have been some incidents with the sides detaching and babies becoming trapped between the crib and the mattress... very scary!

This pisses me off big-time as Storkcraft just had a recall last year because of the brackets. In Canada, it's difficult to find any crib that isn't Storkcraft (unless you plan on paying $1000 for one). I don`t understand why they can`t make a crib that is 100% safe for my baby! We always think of the crib as one of the safest places! GRRRRR!!!!

Here`s the important stuff - If you have a Storkcraft crib with a drop-down side, STOP using it until you receive the free repair kit from Storkcraft! Want to know what pisses me off more - the `repair kit`converts the crib side to a stationary side so you can`t move it up and down anymore... WTF!!! I specifically purchased my crib because it had that option! Jane`s only 16 lbs right now so no biggie, but I know once she`s a few pounds heavier, it ain`t gonna be good for Momma`s back to be bending over to lift the little one out over that side... especially when I have to lower the mattress! I feel like we should be getting refunds here people! Repair kit my a**... this sucks!

You can order your repair kit by visiting the Storkcraft website or by calling 877-274-0277. FYI... I`ve been trying to load the website the entire time I wrote this post, so perhaps the number may be the best option. Although, I`m sure that`s being flooded with Mommy-calls this morning as well.

Totally disappointed and pissed - but relieved my baby wasn`t one of those who helped us learn of this defect. I guess Jane will be sleeping in her playpen for a while...

Safe sleeping,

Jen xo

Update: It`s like 4 hours later and I still haven`t been able to get through on the phone or into the website.

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Anonymous said...

Site is not working, numbers are not being answered - how scary is this......where are our babies supposed to sleep

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we sould boycott Storkcraft all together. It seems that making a profit is far more important to this company than the saftey of children.
Shame on Storkcraft!

Waverly said...

I got through to the company and all I got was a voice message telling me to go to the website and order my repair kit. I am sorry but that's just BS. Now they are telling us to go and buy a new crib without the drop-side railing, I'm sorry but who in the hell has that kind of money? Are they going to pay for a new crib for my son? NO I didn't thinkso!!!
Cheap Bastards can't even make something safe for my child anymore. Plus the repair kit is the same plastic crap that was on there to begin with.

Merk said...

I hear ya sister! I am so pissed off. How many recalls will it take until they give us a refund.

Currently, we are living with my inlaws until our new house closes next month. I have 9-month-old twins with their own Storkcraft cribs. What am I suppose to do now. My husband and I have to scramble for a place for them to sleep.

Unknown said...

I've already vowed to boycott little girl had to sleep in her playpen for almost 2 months, now we are stuck with a drop-side crib that will not drop one side. Requested a return as the crib was only 6 months old and will not performed the same function as was purchased, but was rejected.

No more StorkCraft Merchandise in this household!