Nov 2, 2009

God love the Winter

I don't have any time this morning as I have to drive Dan to work so that I can drop the car off to get the stupid snow tires put on...

We don't have any snow yet, but yet is the key term. Last year we got a HUGE storm in the first couple weeks in November. Thankfully, being pregnant, I was forbidden to shovel... mostly by my neighbours who basically got mad at me for walking up stairs last going off! :p Usually, I like to shovel (well, push snow around) because I like to be outside. Last year, I didn't fit into any of my snow clothes (do they make snow pants for preggers ladies?) so I had a good excuse to stay in. Unfortunately, for Dan, last year we got more storms and snow than I can ever remember getting in any year! :p I've attached a pic of him shoveling on New Years Day! YUCKO! In case I've never mentioned before, Dan's from Miami.... ha ha ha, so you can imagine just how happy he was about this.

It could be worse. Our car place is literally at the bottom of our subdivision so I don't have to wait. I'll just drop the car off, Jane and I will trudge up the humongous hill and coast down later to pick it up. Maybe I'll just put my feet up on the back of her stroller (grocery cart style) and we'll literally coast down. :p

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Jen :)

PS - I bought a bunch of stuff from Etsy last night (I love shopping on my couch)... will share with you later in the week!


mommycain said...

Just wanted to thank you (note sarcasm) for getting me hooked on Etsy, i'm sure my husband would appriciate that I just spent $36 on a HAT for Quincy. But oh so cute!

Jen said...

OMG sooo cute... that's trouble.

Your welcome by the way :p I will show off my purchases on Friday, dear lord, I'm way too excited about Etsy...I'm on there looking for things to buy!