Nov 21, 2009

For the Ladies...

People posted their Sexiest Men Alive online for 2009... What do you think?

I think Johnny Depp is great but where the heck has he been since Pirates of the Caribbean? Definitely not around enough for me to think of him as Sexiest Man!

And Nick Cannon? Seriously?

I love Jerry O'Connell... he's hilarious and that's totally sexy. I have a recently discovered love for Jason Bateman (here in a pic with his oh-to-cute daughter) as well and think he should replace John Cho on the list.

Ryan Reynolds is the ultimate - Canadian, funny and hot! Have you seen The Proposal? It's hilarious - I think I've seen it 4 times now. OMG that scene with the song in the bedroom, crap, I can't remember the song again...hmmm... It takes two to make a thang go riiGGHTT, it takes two to make it out of SIGHT!

Is it wrong that I think Taylor Lautner should be added to this list and he's 10 years younger than me and basically it's illegal for me to think that?

Oh, add a little Hugh Jackman in there too! He's the hottest Dad around!

No surprise that I'm a big supporter of Rob Pattinson being on here or the guys from Glee... obsessed much? Hopefully going to see New Moon next week with a girlfriend. YIPEE!

Have a great weekend!

Jen :)

PS - A little more eye candy below :)


Unknown said...

I love that we share a brain!! wish i could accompany you to New Moon....i meant to tell you this dawned on me in chapter 9 that OMG I think Jacob might be a ware wolf or if I haven't seen the MILLION previews for the movie...oh the joys of having no long term times like that though..its quite useful!!! Anyway...thought you would enjoy that...miss your mug xox

Courtney said...

Don't feel bad. Taylor Lautner would definitely be close to the very top of my list for sexiest man...I mean, have people NOT seen the previews for new moon? hello? thanks for the eye candy :)

Angelene said...

JAKE GYLLENHAAL would be my all time fav from that People list! When are you going to see New Moon???