Nov 9, 2009

Cleaning Machine

If I wasn't a bit of a "Monica" (another Friends reference) before... I sure am now.

I got a call from my best bud (who has a 8 month old) last week and we basically confessed to each other that we had turned into Monica's because of our fear of our babies getting H1N1. "I even cleaned my steering wheel" she said, to which I replied "Oh my God, me too!". We took comfort in the fact that we weren't alone in our new found anal-ness about germ killing.

As the video I posted on Saturday said "I'm about 70% hand sanitizer at this point". And now we're not only worried about killing all the germs to prevent our babes from getting sick but we're worried about killing all the germs and not allowing our babes to build immunities! It's madness!

What I have discovered, in this madness, is a Mom's best friend - the Clorox Disinfecting Wipe (the Lavender scented ones are my fav). I'm about to do an infomercial here so bare with me but these things are awesome. As I said, I'm a bit of a Monica so I enjoy cleaning... actually let me rephrase... I enjoy a clean house a little too much. When Jane was born I switched to the Clorox Greenworks products in an attempt to be greener and to reduce the number of chemicals I was using in the house. I am still pretty loyal to those products (dish wash liquid, all purpose cleaner, fabric deodorizer) but I have to say these Clorox wipes are freakin' addictive. It's so easy to clean with them that I find myself walking around with the dispenser looking for germs and dust! :p I'm such a geek! My sister and girlfriend are also wipe-addicts.

Anyways, wanted to pass that little tip along if you've never tried the wipes before. For those of us with limited time, they are a life saver! :)

Jen :)

PS - Join the Million Baby Crawl (for US followers) to demand laws regulating toxic chemicals found in household products!

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Ange said...

I am with you on the wipes!! I'm totally addicted - running around the house wiping off all door handles, light switches...they're awesome!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, the wipes are addicting!! I also wiped down my steering wheel the other day and my keys. Those things have to have a million germs.
I also LOVE chlorox anywhere hard surface!

Angelene said...

I am very much into the apple scented wipes. It is too funny you posted this, because I was wondering the other day what products you use and I was thinking "she should blog about this." :)