Sep 8, 2009

So Long Swaddle?

Now that Jane's three months, I'm going to be transitioning her from her cradle to her crib in the next few weeks. I'm definitely going to miss having her sleeping next to me but she's "growing up" and, fact is, if it weren't for the fact that the cradle can only handle so much weight - I'd probably keep her there until she was 25!

Before I move her to her crib, I was hoping to get her out of her swaddle. I don't think there's any negative to the swaddle, however, it would give me more comfort if she could have her arms out while she's sleeping - now that she's moving around a lot more and able to flip over.

So, on the weekend I tried to begin this transition and I left one of her arms out of the swaddle. Well, to make a long story short, I'm going to wait another couple of weeks before trying to make the change again... both nights she went from sleeping 5-6 hours straight to sleeping 2-3 hours straight! It was brutal. I'd look over at her and her little arm would be helicoptering around while she was sleeping! Also, when she woke every few hours, she would actually wake herself up versus her usual way of eating with her eyes closed and passing out again within 10 minutes. I stuck with it after the first night, hoping it might get better, but it didn't. Right now, getting a good night's sleep is too much of a priority for me to sacrifice it over something this small.

I'm setting next Monday as her first night in the crib - I know she'll be fine, it's me I'm worried about. I'll likely spend quite a few nights in the rocking chair, sleeping, so I can make sure she's OK... which, like I said, is more for me than her. :p Ultimately, I think this is going to work out great as I think the sun wakes Jane up when she's sleeping in my room (we have a huge bay window in our bedroom). However, in her room, the window is much smaller and the blinds block the light a lot better. I think this might help her sleep-in a bit longer... maybe! :p I'm going to use the Sleep-Rite positioner until she's out of the swaddle to keep her from flipping which will give me some more peace of mind.

Does anyone have any advice on transitioning Jane from the cradle to the crib? And, also, for moving her out of the swaddle without sacrificing a good night's sleep? Help is always appreciated!! :)

Jen :)

PS - We had a beautiful day yesterday and went to the Public Gardens... here are a few pictures!

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Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

I have to say I hated when I moved Mist to her crib:( I was super sad but like you said its part of growing up:( Oh and I love the pics! You have such a beautiful family!

MommyBrain said...

Making the bassinet to crib transition was much harder on me ... and the fact that it wasn't harder on NHV just about broke my heart! I started with naptimes - I moved the bassinet into her room for naptimes for a few days and then moved her into the crib for naptimes and then took the plunge ... and cried. I don't remember her minding one way or another. I did keep her swaddled at this point - too much change at once was my thinking. And a good tight swaddle made me feel safer than a positioner (although I did try that, too).

It will be fine ... just another change ... one of many more to come!

The new pics are adorable! I love the little tuft of hair she's growing in the front - too cute :)

mommycain said...

LOL, I won't be any help. Jorja was swaddled until she was nearly one (and at that point it only stopped because I couldn't get it tight enough that she waesn't able to break free and the receiving blankets where starting to get a bit small) She did the same thing Jane does. When swaddled she would sleep all night, not swaddled, she would sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours...pick your battles,thats my favourite saying lol. She also slept in our bedroom until she was just about one year old. I remember the first night I put her in her own room, she stayed in the crib right up until we went to bed and I couldn't do it, I went in, got her and put her back beside me in her craddle. The next day I had Jason take the crib down and set it up again beside my side of the bed and thats where she stayed hehe. I would imagine Quincy will be about the same, he sleeps way longer (way longer being 3 hours instead of 45 mins) swaddled, and he sleeps WITH me, i'm having a hard time getting him in the pack'n play beside the bed, let alone out of the room lol
Good Luck!!

Jessica said...

We moved Leah out of our room when she was about Jane's age and sleeping through the night. At that point, she was in the bassinet in the family room because her room is upstairs and ours is downstairs. I think she would have been fine in her crib at that time, but her staying downstairs and closer to us was more for me than for her, like you said.

The main thing I suggest is just having a good baby monitor, which you probably already do. That gave me a lot of peace of mind, even though I couldn't see her.

Mama Kayla said...

I have little expertise in this area. Story was sleeping in her crib by two months old and was very content with the transition.

I'm sure that little Jane will do wonderfully.

For you? I suggest a baby monitor turned so loud that you can barely sleep! :-)


Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post today - you're welcome to link to that post! I'm flattered!
Thanks again!