Aug 15, 2009

Status Saturdays

Days since last shower: *2
Exercise: 30 min walk
Frozen Yougurts per day: 2
Weight Lost: 23 lbs - miraculous seeing as all I ate was chocolate on vacation
Weight to lose: 15 lbs to pre-preggers, 20 lbs to pre-considering pregnancy! :p
Hours of sleep per night: 6ish (cumulative)
Addictions: Peanut butter, Pita bread, Granny Smith Apples, True Blood, Will & Grace reruns

* I get a bath every night with Jane, but that doesn't really count :p

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Dee said...

Hi visiting from SITS.

Glad you clarified the bath comment.:-)

y u l z said...

Come by from SITS.

Welcome to the SITStahood and I like your posts :)