Aug 24, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Mondays

Here are last weeks Mommy Brain moments:
  1. Had a friend come and visit last week and we were discussing "Jon and Kate Plus 8", a show which I've never gotten into. Regardless, during our conversation I actually asked "how many kids do they have?". ha ha ha.

  2. This one's from my sister - She walks every morning before baby Lucy wakes up. Anyways, like me, she plays "white noise" music for Lucy while she's sleeping (nature sounds). She woke up one morning last week, heard the pouring rain outside and went back to sleep. Her hubby comes in later and asks her why she never went for her walk. "It's pouring rain outside" she says, to which he responds "what are you talking about?"... it was a beautiful day out. She had heard the rain from Lucy's music and thought it was raining outside. At least I'm not going through this alone :p

  3. I distinctly remember telling Dan Friday morning "don't forget to pick that up"... It's Monday and I still can't remember what he was supposed to get for me!

  4. Chatting with a blog-friend, Stephanie, she mentioned the "BC Children's Hospital" to which I replied something about how we do things up here in Canada... BC is in Canada. Awesome. Seriously... does this get worse?
I'm no longer "losing it", I've lost it. Anybody got any good moments to share from this week?

Jen :)

PS - Had the worst dream last night that I can't get over... almost woke up Jane just to see she was there and look into her sweet little eyes. I guess that was a nightmare then, to clarify...

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Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Love the one about your sister:) Thats to funny! Sounds like something I would do but I would do it just to get out of walking:)

Jessica said...


I think I'll be posting on one today. I had a classic last night, and I'm still recovering.

My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL @ #1!!! I could hear myself asking the same question.

Yikes, I hate having those NIGHTMARES. It takes me forever to go back to sleep.