Aug 27, 2009

Dear Brain

Dear Brain,

I know there are no secrets between us, but we need to talk. Obviously I've done something to upset you as you are no longer consistently around when I need you. In fact, you seem to think it's entertaining to watch me struggle some days without your support. Perhaps you and my hubby are in cahoots together as he also finds this funny and enjoys reminding me that "this is how he feels all the time"... brainless? :p (sorry honey, couldn't help it).

There are days that you make a brief appearance and I am reminded that you do exist. It makes me miss you even more. For example... actually, I can't even remember the example I was going to use to illustrate my point so obviously today you have decided you're on hiatus again.

I wish I could fix whatever it is between us that has caused you to be so distant. It's been almost a year now since I got pregnant and you decided I was no longer worthy of your assistance. Why? Was it that suddenly you were over-worked with all the new worries and "need to knows" that came once I realized I was having a baby? Did you feel under-appreciated? Or were you angry that so much energy was being devoted to building my new little love-bug vs. in increasing your own capabilities?

Regardless of reason, despite my stubbornness, I am here to apologize... not knowing what I did wrong (which further proves that, without you, I am more like a man than I would like to admit). You have been with me when I needed you the most over the past three months, however, I'd like you back for good.

Love always,

Jen :)

PS - I've included a picture from the weekend I found out I was pregnant. Perhaps it'll remind you of what we used to look like together ;p

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Jessica said...

Oh, I love it. Can I CC: my brain on that one?

And the picture? FABULOUS.

Mandee said...

Ha ha! Very well put! Love this post!

I'm following you from MBC! :)

I'm giving away a FREE pair of baby/toddler shoes on my blog! (Winner picks the shoes of their choice!)

Mindi Hoellein said...

I totally can relate... I am 15 weeks today and holy crap! My brain has definitely left the building. Cute site, I will definitely be back!

MommyBrain said...

A fellow mommybrain and NKOTB fan? I am beginning to believe we are long lost friends :) I am awfully glad I found your blog! Hate to tell you the mommybrain doesn't really get a whole lot better - so much brain power goes to making sure the little one is happy, healthy, safe, ... but blogging is my chance to kick my brain into gear every once and awhile!

And, yes, I would be happy to be added to your blogroll ... I have a button, too (if you're into that sort of thing). You've been on my blogroll for about a month now - sorry I didn't ask first :)