Jul 20, 2009

Hellish Heat

Am currently sweating to death and, apparently, this is turning my brain further into mush as I cannot even put two words together... let alone right a post (I realize it should be "write" but I left this mistake to prove how much I'm losing it).

I had thought the hot flashes would end with the end of my pregnancy but it turns out those little spikes were just hints of what was to come... it's like my internal temperature is set to fifty degrees higher than it was pre-baby! I'm cremating here! I hate to complain but if there's any Summer to do it, it's this one. Except for the 15 minute walk Jane and I take in the mornings, I don't really get out of the house much... so the Summer is essentially useless to me! Not only useless, it's annoying as I'm constantly washing my face and re-applying deodorant. Always my favourite season, I find myself yearning for the cooler temperatures of the Fall. Yet, I'm dreading the Fall as it means another few months have gone by and that I have even less time left of my maternity leave with my sweet girl.

Thankfully, I have found some distraction from the heat by becoming completely addicted to the Twilight books (I realize I'm late on the Twilight train). Started and finished book number one on the weekend and then watched the movie this morning... the movie never does the book any justice. Regardless, I find myself turning into a 15 year old girl over the dude who plays Edward...ha ha ha. Just ordered the last three books from amazon and will be anxiously awaiting the postman from now on, whereas usually I pretend I'm not home :p It's also nice for Jane and I to have some quiet time vs. watching TV or listening to music.

Had my longest outing yesterday without Jane... 3 whole hours! I know it may sound crazy but it was really hard! I completely trust Dan so I wasn't worried about her, I just didn't want to be away from her for that long. What if she noticed I was gone? What if she wondered where her Mommy was? It was tough. But, nonetheless, I got home, she was content, and probably didn't notice my absence at all or, at least, was not completely distraught as I worried (and half hoped). :p I find myself thinking about those who leave their children and family... what kind of person could do that? The most selfish? I can't leave her for three hours and there are actually people out there who just take off?!?! Insanity.


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