Jun 12, 2009

Sweet Baby Jane

Daddy took this video of me sleeping last night. Excuse Mommy - she just finished crying (oh the joys of the "baby blues") because she watched the first five minutes of the new disney movie "Up"... ALERT: DO NOT watch Disney movies when suffering from the baby blues! ha ha ha.

PS - See below for a new post on my labour experience!


Anonymous said...

AGH-I did not think you'd be one of those moms with the baby talk voice!

Kenziepoo said...

Very cute Blog!! :)

Jen said...

I never thought I'd be a baby-talk type of gal... scarily, it just comes out whenever the video camera does. It's not even the baby - it's the stupid camera (if it's not obvious, I loved being taped :p)! My theory is that I hate my regular voice so much on tape that I talk like a child so I never have to actually hear what I really sound like! ha ha ha.

Jen :)