Jun 27, 2009

God help me... :p

So I'm running around like an "effin" maniac this morning... Dan's out of town for the weekend for a stupid frisbee tournament (can you sense my support?)! tee hee hee. Honestly, glad he's keeping up with his sports as I'd rather have him gone for a weekend here and there vs. having a lazy hubby who never gets off the couch.

Regardless, crappy weekend for him to disappear... my Mom-in-law arrives tomorrow from NYC, which is great but I'm sweaty freakin' buckets here trying to get laundry done and house semi-cleaned all while trying to keep Jane asleep.

Threw her in the sling for the first stage of cleaning and she loved it but now my back is broken from carrying her around (perhaps I'm not wearing it right but I followed the instructions!). Not to mention I think those slings are a little dangerous as you kinda forget your wearing them and, then, OOPS a little poke in the bum from the vacuum, baby makes and peep and you go "$^#&"! Genius! :p

Heading out this afternoon to visit a few friends so they can finally meet Janey. It'll be hard not to be one of those crazy women you see running around with the Purell, saying "wash your hands, wash your hands"... I always thought those people were annoying. Now with Jane, I have no intentions of toting hand sanitizer around in every purse and pocket, but I know what's on MY hands - what's on yours is what freaks me out! :p And non-parent friends won't get it... I'll just have to smile and call myself a "bitch". ;) Makes people feel better if I do it myself vs. just thinking it inside their head!

Anyways - this is officially the fastest written post to date as I've got too much to do. Whoever invents a self-cleaning house is a GOD! Seriously, we can send people to into SPACE but we can invent a house that you just shut the door, press the button and a bunch of sprinklers come on, clean the heck out of everything, and then it super-heats itself dry... almost like a giant dishwasher. I want it now.

Jen :)

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