Jun 19, 2009

First Two Weeks, In Review :)

My first two weeks as a Mom.. It's amazing how much more comfortable and confident I am after such a short time!

I'm feeling good. Surprisingly not that tired, getting about 5 hours of sleep a night (on and off, of course). My "wounds" are healing well... much better than last week. On day four I broke down, scared to pee, because it burned like hell. Thank God for Mom for getting me a sitz bath - a necessity if you have any "battle wounds"! I've lost 22 lbs, mostly within the first 2-3 days, but I've still got a ways to go. It's neat to see your belly shrink so quickly, though it looks quite a bit different (understatement). Crunches will be my friend in a few weeks - I hate crunches. Kegels suck - WAY more difficult that they used to be. No strength whatsoever post-delivery. Hopefully this can be repaired so I get some bladder control back!

The biggest transition has been becoming a feeding and bum cleaning machine. Not a complaint, just a truth. My life is run by this little angel yet I wake up every morning excited to spend another day with her. Life is not necessarily busier but I am occupied 100% of the time... it's hard to get everything done. I run my ass off in 20 min intervals while Jane sleeps - cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.

Dan and I are doing well... very few moments where we have wanted to kill each other. :p I feel for him now that he's back at work. He gets so little time with Jane. Plus, it breaks our hearts, but Dan has started sleeping in the guest room. :( It makes no sense for him to wake up with me for nighttime feedings but when Jane woke up, Dan was waking regardless and was quickly becoming exhausted. I miss having him with me but he'll sleep with us on the weekends. Eventually, Jane will sleep a bit more throughout the night and Dan can come back to bed. :)

Jane is great. Things have gotten easier since her check-up last week. When we first brought her home, she had to be fed every 3 hours until she got back to her birth weight. We had to wake her up to feed her and to keep track of her dirty diapers. God, that sucked! Thankfully, the nurse weighed her last Thursday and Jane was 8lbs 11oz! She surpassed her birth weight in less than a week! I think the early cluster feeding made my milk come in faster so she put the weight on quickly. Now I feed on demand, still every 3 hours or so but much easier than following a schedule. Because of Jane's blood type, she was higher risk for jaundice. They checked her billirubin at the hospital and she was fine but we did have to sit in the sunlight for 15 mins, twice a day for a few days. To be clear, by sunlight, I mean sitting by the window with her not putting her out on a towel for a sun tan! :p She is sleeping well in the cradle (next to our bed). The first few nights I kept letting her sleep on my chest because she fussed a lot less this way and I slept better having her closer. I'm resisting this urge now as it's not as safe having her in the bed. We've both gotten more comfortable with the cradle every night and are sleeping more every night.

I can't believe how quickly the first two weeks have gone by. I look at Jane and see her getting bigger and see her face looking "older"... I'm savouring every minute I get with her as I know the time will continue to fly.

Jen :)

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