Jun 30, 2009

Burping Machine

I have currently accepted the role of burping machine, a slight demotion from feeding/cleaning machine due to my own bad behavior... so far so good.

After speaking with the lactation specialist yesterday we determined that my current issue (fussy, uncomfortable, constantly hungry baby) is a combo of growth spurt and excess gas. So, I'm now pre-feed burping, burping during the feed and afterward! I'd never heard of pre-feed burping as, like most people, I thought that babies got most of their gas during the feed. However, a lot of gas is created after baby eats during digestion (duh!) so burping before you feed ensures you feeding on top of a bubbling belly! I've also been using some new techniques that I got from this website and they seem to going well. I've got a burping cycle now - I start with the over the shoulder, I switch her to the lap-lying position, then I do the sit up position all with a combo of back-patting and circle motions. I've also been throwing in the bicycle legs move once in a while. :p It's still taking me an hour to feed because of all the burping but right now she's staying on my boob (before she was on and off, on and off), she's not crying when she pulls herself off and she's falling asleep afterward (instead of screaming bloody murder for an hour). YIPEE! I'm praying this isn't a fluke!

Also, I realized that I basically have Jane is my arms 24-7 and when I put her down to get things done, I put her in her swing. So, she's not getting any chance to move her own gas by moving around much (stupid mommy). So, I've put out the activity gym - she's currently awake, lying on it, and kicking up a storm... much better for moving gas then being stuck in a swing! I'm learning, slowly, but learning. This mommy brain crap is truly phenomenal as I have literally lost every bit of common sense I had.

Lastly, my mom's friend, Lisa, recommended this product "Bio-Gaia", a probiotic drop that can be given to babies, that apparently reduces colic/gas. I couldn't find it at my pharmacy (it's over the counter) so they have ordered it in for me, I will keep you posted on how it goes. Can't hurt! I've also been using Kolic drops (@ Walmart) when she gets uncomfortable and it seems to help relieve some of the pain within 30 mins or so.

Well that's it for today - I know, a lot about gas lately, kind of boring, but this is my life right now. My life has been consumed by gas, poop and burping. Perhaps next week I will be so lucky as to get upgrade to reflux and vomiting! WOOHOO! As I always say, 100% worth it for my little lady.

Jen :)

PS - Ordered my birth announcements - thanks to the poll-voters! I went with the basket pic as recommended!

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Lora said...

Guess you're not taking advice from me anymore since I suggested not to burp her so much :)