Jun 25, 2009

Bring My Sexy Back :p

My best friend Kristie gave me the idea for this post after a hilarious chat yesterday... so I dedicate it to her :p

Our conversation, in between kisses to our babes (she's got a 3 mth old), focused on how nasty, for lack of a better word, we feel about our bodies post-baby. We determined that we had "lost our sexy" and Kristie summed it up like this -

"Excuse me, what room was I in in the hospital?... Can you go in and look under the bed and see if I left my sexy there?"

I died when she said this as it is exactly how I feel. I knew that post-baby it would be an adjustment but I didn't realize that all my confidence would disappear. Between the post-baby bod, vajajay "changes", leaky boobs, lack of time for shower/prettying up myself, constantly smelling like spit up, sweating like a monkey, etc., even Justin Timberlake himself couldn't help me at this point! My poor hubby keeps telling me I'm hot and grabbin' my butt and I'm trying desperately not to push him away or tell him to shut up. It's hard to take a complement when you're feeling like crap. :p

To update you on the breastfeeding issues... bf-ing is freakin' hard! Just when I think I've got the green poop issue under control, it's still a worry and now I have "overactive letdown"... awesome. Basically my boobs are so friggin' full that when Jane latches on she drowns in milk, chokes, pulls off the boob, and doesn't get a good, relaxing feed. She actually refused the boob two nights ago and screamed bloody murder for 30 mins because she was hungry. Solutions include lying down to feed (which let me tell you is so frustrating for both of us that it's not worth it) and expressing some milk pre-feed which I'm going to try from now on... problem is if I start expressing milk then my boobs will think I need more milk, make more milk, and my problem will not get better! HELP!!

So, I'm surviving... sticking with breastfeeding no matter how difficult it gets as it's a HUGE priority to me. Curious when I can start working out - strength training/ab exercises - does anyone know? I think it was 4-6 weeks post, but I have no idea. Hoping this will help me find my sexy again ASAP. :p

Jen (who's the grouchy girl now) :)

PS - Bought the cutest hat for Jane on Etsy that my photographer used during our photoshoot... adorable and only $14 including shipping!!

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Unknown said...

i love you!!!!as for the w/o....you will know...listen to your bod!

Anonymous said...

I'm 27, I'm a first time moher and I have a 21 month daughter whom i love dearly. Reading this lack of sexy made me smile because it reminds you that every mother goes through some of the same things. I was so upset about my nice litte vag becoming a messy battle ground lol. My body did very well after birth and I was thinner than before BUT we can't afford more children just yet so I started birth control and now I have added 5 pounds to my already large BUTT! It's just get's worse if you don't work on it so I've been doing the free work outs on comcast. I try to remember that curve are sexy and for man seems to like me even more. Laura

Jen said...

Laura, you may be right... my hubby seems to be super "into" me right now, so perhaps Marilyn Monroe had it right and trying to look like Cindy Crawford is a mistake! :p Regardless, I just got back from a walk around my super-hilly neighbourhood... if I wasn't sexy before, I am now... especially seeing as I'm sweating twice as much as usual and my hair looks like I've been electrocuted from the humidity :p tee hee hee.

Thanks for the comments... nice to know I'm not the only one!

Lift Like A Mom said...

Haha! I have 2 more months and already feeling this way. I'm nervous about the aftermath of having this baby! Will I feel like a tub-o-lard forever!! Even though I know sometimes you think, yeah right, shut up, it's good knowing you have a supportive, loving husband by your side. Your daughter is beautiful!

(If you are ever interested in giveaways, I have a few frames on etsy. I'm hoping to drum up some business. Not expecting to pay mortgage or anything! :)

Janell said...

hahaha. I have a nine month old and im still looking for mine. I think im getting close though :)