May 30, 2009

40 Week Update - Due Date :)

Hi Everyone,

Today is my due date which apparently means nothing. I think that the pregnant women should clarify two things for those who are not pregnant or are trying to conceive:

(1) Pregnancy is NOT 9 months! It's at least 9 1/2 to 10 months. 9 months is a lie some man made up so women would continue to procreate!
(2) Ignore your due date! My advice? Take it, add the 10 days you can expect to be overdue and accept this as your due date. If baby arrives before this, you'll be ecstatic vs. grouchy for being overdue! :)

I'm in a better mood today than I was last Saturday. My doc gave me peace of mind this week - if I'm not in labour by Thursday, I'll be induced next weekend. I can wait a week! Obviously I would be happier to go naturally but give me another week and I'll be over that dream! So exciting knowing that Jane will be with us next weekend, if not before!

I may be losing my mucous plug... everyone says "you'll know", however, my doc said on Thursday that it sounds like mine's coming out in pieces. I'm quite sure I had another "piece" this morning so we'll see if anything starts in the next few days (sorry, I tried to get that out with minimal detail)! :p I'm starting to get uncomfortable. My back is aching, there's a lot of pressure in my belly, and my body is constantly tired. I'm waking up 8-10 times a night to pee, which is getting annoying. I don't have any swelling, stretch marks, or varicose veins so I've been lucky so far. Baby is still kicking like a maniac. I keep telling her that if she wants out she has to come out the old fashion way!

Check for updates this week. If I go into labour, I may have enough time at home beforehand to let everyone know what's going on and how I'm feeling.

Jen :)

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Jen said...

I'm anxious for you! You look absolutely wonderful. Did you use cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks? Everytime I go to Thyme maternity they try to sell me their cream and say cocoa butter doesn't work. I personally think it's genetics, but just in case I've been using cocoa butter.

Jen said...

Hey Jen,
Don't buy the expensive "stretch mark" cream! You know as well as I do that it's genetics, how quickly/much weight you put on, etc... I just stayed moisturized, with thick cocoa butter cream on my belly, boobs and butt after the shower/at night. And drink water. Other then that... it's totally out of your control! I'm sure you'll be just fine!

Unknown said...

hey works xoxo

I completely agree re the to look at your own mother! Doesn't hurt to use just makes you feel better...I liked the cocoa butter oil lasted my entire pregnancy because you only have to use a tiny bit:)

Jen said...

Oh, I will add one thing! If you're using a thick cream or an oil, be careful during the summer! The oils in the cream can act as a barrier, preventing sweat from escaping... which can result in heat rash - your skin's a little more sensitive nowadays! I've never had issues with the sun but I went to Florida in my first trimester and ended up with heat rash all over because I was slathering on the creams everyday!