Feb 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Today is day 10 of the 30 day shred. I've done that stupid workout for 9 days straight... well, that's not 100% true. I didn't want to do it last night at all. I sat around pouting about it for 30 minutes and then Dan suggested just doing a few crunches and whatnot right there while watching tv. That sounded much better but then once I started, I ended up working out there in the livingroom for at least 20 minutes and probably pushed myself harder than I would have had I done the workout. So, I'm counting that as a shred day even though I didn't actually do the video.

On day 7, I moved up to level 2. Level 1 was getting BOOOOOring and not so difficult come day 5-6 so I knew I had to kick it into gear. I thought the level-up would be a big challenge but it wasn't too tough at all, which was nice. Plus, I could have done level 1 with my eyes closed and mute on by that point.

The body is a little sore this morning but I think that's because I threw in some different moves last night on my own, like I said, so it was a little muscle wake-up, which I think is a good thing to do (seeing as the premise of this whole workout series is "muscle confusion" and keeping your muscles "guessing"). Other than that, I haven't really been sore since day 2-3 of the workout, just a little stiff some mornings.

I've been doing better than ever with the eating and have been finding it surprisingly easier to do so since I started the workout, so, if nothing else, that's a bonus! Dan's bday is tomorrow, however, and "all he wants" is a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. My plan is to have a small sliver, so I can still enjoy without over-indulging. We'll see how that goes! :) I haven't had DQ cake in like 3 years or more! :p Maybe it won't be as good as I remember? I am a bit of a chocolate/dessert snob these days it seems (if you can't have quantity, you must have quality).

So, down to the nitty gritty. After a night of little sleep (imagine the grouchiest Jen in you heads possible), I stepped on the scale and POOF! Effin' nothing. Are you kidding me? I literally can not comprehend at all how I didn't lose at least a pound in the last 10 days! Seriously! My only explanation (and this has happened to me before) is that sometimes, when you start working out after a long hiatus, because you are putting on muscle and muscles weighs more than fat (not sure if you all knew that ladies), but your weight remains the same but your size decreases. It's one of the many frustrations of working out! This is likely why I am not decently fitting into my pre-preggers clothes right now, despite being 145 lbs - although this is 8 lbs off my pre-preggers weight, I used to fit into my clothes at 145 lbs. So, obviously (and this shocks me after 8 months of not working out - sarcasm) I am less muscle than I used to be. :p Hilarious.

After that depressing weigh-in, and my exhaustion, I told Dan today that I'd rather tweeze my arm hairs off one by one than do that stupid shred crap today. However, I am going to do it. This is the thing I hate most about this workout... it's only 20 minutes. I used to love that feature. Now, it's the angel on my shoulder when I want the devil to win... "it's only 20 minutes"! :p In all honesty, the workout is pretty easy to do. The fact that it's only 20 minutes is it's saving grace. I swear, if it were 22 minutes, I'd be less willing to do it daily.

My motivation to keep going is my jeans. Oh, how I want to look good in my cute jeans again. My "in-betweeny" jeans that I bought to make myself feel good in November are basically making me look like a plumber because they are so big on me now (which does make a girl feel good) but makes a girl look like ____. I've considered buying a new pair of "in-betweenies" but I'm forcing myself to wait until day 30 of the shred to determine if it's necessary... I pray for you all that it's not as OMG the whining you will hear. :p

Here are the details:
Starting WIW weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 145 lbs (stupid)
Pounds lost: 12 lbs
Pounds to lose: 8 lbs

Quite a few of you emailed me saying you were trying out the shred along with me - Lindsay, Jen, Mandi (I'm writing your names so you're now accountable to the blogging world as well) - so I hope you're sticking with it and doing your best! Don't let my neutral weigh-in (HAH, was going to say "lack of weight loss" but this is my "spin") dissuade you (Emily - is that proper use of dissuade?)... I'm positive that next week will yield better results! :)

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Jen Peddle said...

I'm on day 7 of the shred. To my dismay, I was two pounds heavier than before I started the shred on day 2. I must just be bulking up, right? Hahaha. I thought maybe water retention. However, this morning I have lost 2 lbs since the beginning. I'm also watching what I eat (kinda following weight watchers points). My motivation is fitting into my scrubs for work. Now scrubs give you some flex size wise, but they are still too small. I go back to work Feb. 16th. I only took 3 1/2 months off work with my baby (not long enough). I still have 13 lbs to lose. Tomorrow I will start level 2.

Lindsay said...

I'm still doing it!! Though today will only be day 4. I'm still finding level 1 a challenge so I'm hoping it gets a bit easier. I fast-forwarded through to level 2 and it looks hard!
Keep going though!! I haven't weighed myself yet, my weigh-in day is Friday, although I'm really not expecting much. I have plateaued at the same weight for a month now.

(and seriously, if I could be 145lbs I would be ecstatic!)

Mandi Miller said...

Oh I am still there doing it! Hoping to see some pounds come off soon!

Emily said...

Ha Ha! Totally.