Feb 1, 2010

SkinFix Buttocks Paste Giveaway

*** Note: Giveaway now closed***

When I find products I love, I can't wait to share them with you all! Not only do I hope it saves you money (from buying a bunch of things that might not work) but I hope it saves you headaches too!

In Constipation Explanation, I mentioned Jane has been having poopy issues. As a result, she started to get diaper rash. I have always used vaseline at every diaper change but that wasn't enough to keep her free and clear. Upon seeing signs of the dreaded rash, I did all the recommended: increased diaper changes, upped her nudie time, switched diaper brands, stopped using wipes (using clothes and warm water) and I started using Zinc-based diaper creams (tried both Penaten and Extra Strength Zincofax) to try and heal her sores. This started last Monday. Come Thursday, her toosh was getting worse despite dedicated efforts! I had no idea what to do next!?!? On Friday I asked my local pharmacist what to do. She immediately grabbed a jar of SkinFix Buttocks Paste from behind the counter. She said this "was the latest and greatest, worked fabulously and was also made by another Nova Scotian Momma." I was sold - I would have tried anything to avoid Jane's rash getting worse (made the mistake of googling pictures of diaper rash and the results were scary).

HALLELUJAH! SkinFix Buttocks Paste is my new favourite baby product! Within a day of using it, I notice an improvement in Jane's rash - went from bright, painful-looking red to a pinkish tone. I also LOVE that it's a light-weight cream, it's not greasy like the zinc-based creams - those creams drive me bonkers - once you get that white cream on your hands, it seems impossible to get it off your hands! When you finally do get it off, you have to put the lid back on the jar and then you get it all over yourself again!

is about $11.50 for the smallest jar (112g) but a little goes a
LONG way. I've been using it religiously for the last three days and there may be a 1/2 tsp gone. Although the price point is a little higher than other creams, it's going to last a heck of a lot longer! The other beef I have with the zinc-based creams is that they get absorbed into the diaper almost immediately - If I wanted to protect the diaper from rash, this would be great! :p With the SkinFix, I put it on Jane's toosh and leave her out of the diaper for a minute or so and it seems to absorb into Jane's skin, which may be another reason why it works so much better.

My only worry... that I'm going to start using SkinFix like the Dad used Windex in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (to cure everything). I started using it on Jane's eczema spots yesterday and I swear I'm seeing a difference - which makes sense as it claims to be good for cradle cap (another form of dermatitis).

Here are the details on SkinFix Buttocks Paste:
Based on a natural home remedy that has been used since the 1500s, SkinFix acts as an antiseptic, antioxidant, who's anti- inflammatory and antibacterial nature are perfect for young children and those who handle them. Additionally the paste can also act as a fungicide, anti-yeast agent, and is recommended by doctors. If you're not aware - babes can get yeast infections because of the ideal wet-n-warm environment created by the diaper, so the anti-yeast/anti-fungal properties are definitely beneficial!

A therapeutic emollient barrier keeps wetness away from a baby's skin which helps to safe guard against diaper rash, but in the event of a rash it can provide treatment and relief. It can also prevent cradle cap and can be used by breastfeeding mothers, as a nipple cream, who are experiencing discomfort (Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the affected area before breastfeeding).

Skinfix Buttocks Paste is a non staining paste and will not stain clothes or skin. It is a natural health product and contains many ingredients that are botanical. It also contains no Lanolin.

Check out this link to see the awesome properties of all the botanical ingredients!

So, you're thinking, this is all great Jen but I want it for myself and you said this was a Giveaway. So...

Four LUCKY MOmMy bRaIned ladies will each receive a 112g jar of SkinFix Buttocks Paste!

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* Open to both Canadian and US Residents.

Four winners will be randomly chosen and posted under Giveaways in the right-hand sidebar next Monday, February 8th. So check back!

If you're not a lucky winner, check out www.skinfix.ca to see where you can buy SkinFix OR for details on ordering online.

Good luck!

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PS - Thanks to the fabulous owner/creator of SkinFix for (1) creating such an awesome product and (2) providing us with product for this Giveaway!


Sara...noH said...

This sounds like a wonderful product!

Lindsay said...

Awesome! I could definitely use this ... and I like that it seems to work for excema too!

Dani N' Steph Bates said...

this sounds fantastic!

Allie said...

Does this mean I can't enter because I don't have Facebook or Twitter? :(

I love this stuff - I was given a small sample jar and it cleared up my daughter's diaper rash too and I think that one was fungal.

It even smells good!

Jen said...

Allie - consider yourself entered. You won't be required to get a twitter account and facebook account to win! :)

suzie said...

I joined Skinfix on facebook

suzie said...

I follow Skinfix on twitter

suzie said...

I follow Skinfix on twitter

suzie said...

I just posted twice that I follow on twitter
Could you delete one

suzie said...

I voted for you

Sara said...

Just found you today!

Oh, and for the giveaway, I followed, voted and commented. I really wanna try this junk for free. But I'll probably end up paying for it too.

Stephanie Chaisson said...

Love this product, worked magic on my baby girl.

Alisa Oddy said...

I've been lucky enough so far to not have to deal with a Diaper rash, however my baby is only 3months old, so I know its coming. Im glad I read this because when the time comes, I want to be fully prepared, there's nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. Even if I dont win, Im getting this product for sure!

Morgan Cain said...

I wish I knew about this stuff a few months back, we tried EVERTHING for Quinny, ended up getting some "IWK butt paste" that FINALLY worked!! I would LOVE to try this stuff!

KimM said...

With a new baby at home, would love to have this!