Feb 3, 2010

Lovin' Lena

Hey Y'all,

As I've always said, I'm going to "blogger hell" because I don't follow the blogging etiquette at all (commenting regularly, doing the whole award thingie, etc.).

With that said, there is one blog I am religious about checking and commenting on... Listen to Lena. Everyday Lena gives the latest and greatest deals for Canadian Mommas and Chicks (e.g. Coach sales, freebies, sales on kids clothes, etc. etc.). She's already saved me tons of $$ (and by save I mean she made me spend money because she let me know about sales I wasn't aware of - so technically she costs me money but I love her because in the long run she's saving me $$) tee hee hee I can rationalize anything.

As a PTPA Panel of Moms member, like myself, she's always got fabulous giveaways and product reviews (check out "Lena Loves..."). I asked Lena if it would be OK to share her giveaways with you guys and, because she's awesome, she said "of course"!

So, here's a link to her giveaway this week - An MD Moms Baby Silk Spaaah Gift Set!

Lena usually has one giveaway per week, so I'll be sure to share as often as I remember... :)

Today's Weigh-in Wednesday post below...

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Lena! said...

OMG! How awesome are you?! For the record, you are definitely one of my daily stops as well!

hypermom said...

Hey Jen! I'm also not so good at this blogging etiquette thing-yet! But I am learning :)