Sep 29, 2009

How I Told Him

I thought, after my "A Year" post last week, that I would share the story of how I told Dan we were having a baby.

When we were trying to get pregnant, it was kind of an unsaid agreement that, when we took a pregnancy test, we would do it together. Of course, as I said last week, I took the test alone, not thinking I was pregnant. So, I thought I'd better come up with a way to surprise Dan with the news so that I could make up for the fact that I didn't wait to take the test with him. :p

My story isn't super extraordinary - like some I've heard - but I thought it was cute. A good memory.

I had just gotten back from a weekend in Toronto on a Monday morning, Dan was already at work. So, after the four positive pregnancy tests, I called him. I told him I was too tired to cook after a long, fun-filled weekend and that I was going to take him out to dinner. Of course, I got no resistance on that idea. I went to the card store, picked out the perfect card, and wrapped up my four pregnancy tests in a gift box. When we arrived for dinner, Dan didn't think anything of the gift of the surprise dinner - I like to surprise him with gifts and dinners (or I did when I was working and we had lots of excess cash). I couldn't wait any longer, so as soon as we were seated, I told him to open the gift. He opened the card first (he's not stupid, ha ha ha. On the front there were baby pins and teddy bears and, on the front, it read "Little cuddles, little kisses, little coos". On the inside, it read "So many new-baby moments to look forward to" and I wrote "open the box". He just looked at me - half smiling, half shocked, half disbelief... ok, obviously those should have been thirds but when I started I planned on only having two halves and thirds just don't sound right! :p Of course, this was the moment our waitress decided to greet us and ask us what we wanted to drink! Great timing! Way to build the suspense! After she left, Dan just kept looking at me. I think he said something like "are you serious?" and I told him to open the box. Perhaps the FOUR tests was a little overboard as I suddenly realized that I had peed on those four tests and it was slightly gross! :p Regardless, I got tons of kisses and the biggest smiles I have ever seen out of my hubby. It was the best feeling to know that he was as excited as I was.

I'm sure we spent the entire dinner talking about what I had gone through that day - between trips to the blood work centre, trips to get more pregnancy tests, google searches, phone calls to and from my Mom, etc. It's so funny to think about the other things we would have talked about that night... all the things we were looking forward to, worried about, and were excited for that are now HERE. Gosh, time flies.

And it's true what they say, that things happen in threes as my best friend, my sister and I all got pregnant and had beautiful, healthy babies within 3 months of each other. How fabulous it was to go through this experience with my best friends.

Share your own stories - PLEASE! :)

Jen :)

PS - I attached my very first baby bump picture, taken at 14 weeks... sadly, I actually remember thinking I was really showing at that point! ha ha ha. Do you know how much I would pay to look like that NOW?!?! :p

PPS - Jane had her VERY BEST night's sleep last night, 8:30pm-5:45am!! Holy Moly, I was checking on her from 4:30am onward of course!!! ha ha ha.

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Jill Vonier said...

Haha I know exactly what you mean - I look back on my "first pregnancy" picture at about 12 weeks and now I'd love to look like that :-\

I found out I was pregnant while my husband was in Nicaragua. I had all the symptoms so I finally took a test and sure enough got a positive. Then I went to the doctor's just to make sure. I then bought a pink elephant stuffed animal for babies, put it in a pink bag, and wrote a note that said "To Daddy, For Baby, Love Mommy" (which is funny looking at it now because we totally have a boy, I guess I always expected a girl). He knew something was up when he came home and I gave him the gift and he kept saying "Are you serious??" He was pretty shocked but very excited.

My sister was also pregnant the same time I was. Her baby girl is only 7 weeks older than my Jackson.

Jessica said...

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time, too - Our girls are two months and two days apart.

Scott and I took the test together, and had a mishap in the middle because the line only halfway showed up. We tried to find an answer to that predicament online (of course), but finding nothing, he went all the way into town (15 miles) to get a digital test. I waited on pins and needles for him to get back.....and when he did....POSITIVE! HURRAY!

Anonymous said...

Everyone stories are so sweet by the way. I was not planning on getting pregnant I was heading to the docs that very week to change birth control. I had just stopped taking the pill which was bothering my body. I noticed I was a day late which really never happened but I couldn't be pregnant. I picked up a test at the Target on my lunch break, the cheapy Target brand because I just knew I was worrying for nothing. That night my man and I got take out and just before we sat to eat I decided since I needed to pee to take the test. I just remember looking at the stick I had just peed on and thinking WHAT!! I slammed the door open and said IT DIDN"T TAKE TWO MINUTES!Josh looked up saying what? I repeated myself... It didn't take two minutes (of course meaning that as soon as my pee hit that stick it said I was pregnant)and handed him the stick. Then we both just sat there shocked. Looking back it was the biggest surprise I've ever gotten. Of course our wonderful daughter is the best gift we've ever received. Laura R

Margaret said...

I don't really have a cute story. We had been "winging it" (in other words just off the pill and played the "lets see what happens") since October of last year, so we knew it could just happen anytime. I had just gotten back from Texas for work a few weeks before I found out and had forgotten to mark down the first day of my last period while I was in TX. So I thought I was a few days late, but figured that it was just my body getting used to not being on the pill. I also had a bachelorette party that upcoming weekend in Virginia, touring vineyards and tasting wine and thought just to be careful I should take a test (I totally figured it would be negative). I had complained to my hubby all day about what a bad mood I was in and that everyone at work was getting on my nerves. So I got home ( I get home a few hours before my hubby) and took a test. I immediately saw the "+" sign and just sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes saying to myself "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh." The next 3 hours were hell waiting for him to come home because the first thing I wanted to do was call him, but that kind of news needs to be given in person. So he gets home and we chat about our days, and I turn and say "oh, so I figured out why I was in such a crappy mood today," and I pull the positive test from behind my back. He just stood in the kitchen starting at me for a few minutes and said "I dont' have my glasses on so I can't really see what it says, but I think you are trying to tell me you are pregnant?" To which I said "yes" and he just got a huge grin on his face and we kissed and hugged. And now we are just waiting for our Christmas baby boy (due Dec 22)!

Jen said...

These are awesome - it's giving me cold shivers to hear everyone's story and re-live the excitement of that news! It seems, like me, even if you were trying or not trying, there's definitely shock and surprise when the test reads positive!

MommyBrain said...

This time around (my second), I wrapped the test as a birthday gift for CPV and gave it to him at dinner ... I actually took the test that morning and the indicator was mostly faded by the time he opened it, so he was (or at least acted) really confused!

With the first, I just came bounding down the stairs ... CPV was working on some Christmas lights that weren't working properly ... and said, "Oh my gosh ... we're going to be parents!"

Thanks for sharing your story ... totally made me smile :)

Sara said...

My husband and I had decided together that I was going to stop taking my birth control pills in the beginning of March. We told no one. By the end of the month, my girlfriends were all complaing about PMS and cramps - and we were all usually close to each others "times of the month". So March 28th, I'm grocery shopping at Publix and just to get it out of my head, I pick up a pregnancy test. It was the cheapest one I could find and I remember being annoyed at check out thinking, "What a waste of $8 - I'm NOT pregnant!!". So I get home and my husband is out so I take the test and sort of forget about it. I go in later to check on it and imagine my SHOCK when it was a big fat postitive! When my husband got home I told him I had a surprise for him and showed him the test. I can still see his face as it lit up - but I immediately told him not to get too excited because I was going to take another - just to make sure. Looking back, I feel kind of bad that I didn't let him have his moment. LOL. I knew that day had changed our lives forever!